Weed Measurements: How To Understand Weight and Prices

weed measurements

The most common question for beginners who just took an interest in marijuana is – how much is an ounce of weed? Planning to buy seeds or plant marijuana? Then it is important to attain basic knowledge first about weed measurements. 

This is critical because there are sellers and suppliers out there who take advantage of buyers who have little knowledge about weed prices, weed sizes, weed amounts, and weed measurements in general. So to avoid getting played in the world of marijuana, it is best to be knowledgeable in this field first.

Important Things to Consider in Weed Measurements

These factors will help you evaluate and check the weed measurements if they are correct. Whether you are a buyer or seller, these elements can certainly guide you. These will also help you utilize your budget and to help you with your purchase decision.


When you are accurate and well knowledgeable in measuring cannabis, this gives you the upperhand of the business. This prevents you from making mistakes when you are selling your weed to consumers. Instead, you will be praised for being precise of your weed measurements.

Time Experience

Measuring weed is not something that can be mastered in one nightfall. There are many types of marijuana out there, and it requires experience to determine the weed measurements of each type, which is why it takes a lot of time and understanding in the field to get the exact weed measurements. 

Mastery Will Take Time

As mentioned, getting familiar with the weed measurements of each marijuana will take time, and mastering this field will take years and a lot of experience even if you read and do a lot of research. Although it is not required, being familiar will be helpful in your journey.

Marijuana Prices in Different Measurements

Since marijuana can be sold in grams, ounces, zips, and even kilos, it is not surprising that weed prices can vary considering the various types of marijuana as well which can have an impact on the price.

Where you purchase matters as well. Contacts or friends at the local shop will save you a lot of money since you can gain discounts and coupons but if you have none then you will have no choice but to pay expensive prices.

How much is a Gram of Weed?

A gram of weed

Purchasing or selling marijuana by grams is the smallest variant which means you can barely feel its weight. You can purchase or sell weed by grams, and the price range will vary depending on the grams. 

How Small is a Gram of Weed?

Very small since a gram is one twenty-eight of an ounce (1/28) One gram can easily occupy the palm of your hand with lots of space to spare.

Other Terminologies for Grams

It is no surprise that even “Grams” in this business have other terminologies since almost everything has a second name or nickname in the world of marijuana. It is not required or that important to learn all the terminologies but it can certainly help in your purchases.

The city or location matters as well because the smallest size in grams could be called by their own language as well.

Is Grams the Cheapest Marijuana Purchase? 

Since it is the smallest size in the grams category, its weed measurement speaks for itself. It is the cheapest variant to choose from. The price of purchasing marijuana in grams usually costs around $10 per gram. It gets discounted if you buy more than a gram like 7 grams for $50-$60, 14 grams for $100-$120, 28 grams for $200, and so on depending on the store.

How much is an Ounce of Weed?

one ounce of weed

Ounces is a weed measurement that is still by weight with the abbreviation “Oz”. It sits next to grams since it is significantly heavier. It is not surprising that it is slightly more expensive than the weed that is in grams. Purchasing weed in ounces brings more weed, so it is definitely worth considering despite the slight increase in price.

Is One Ounce a Lot?

That depends on your personal preference, to have a better visual, an ounce is about the size of your palm. Converting an ounce to grams is about 28 in terms of mass. Half an ounce is 14 grams of weed which is about $100.

How much is half an ounce of weed

Half an ounce or 14 grams costs around $100-$120

What is the Price Range for Marijuana in Ounces?

A quarter of weed price ranges around $50-$60. Converted to grams that is 7 grams. 

A full ounce of weed which is 28 grams usually costs around $200. Remember, contacts will be beneficial in order to get discounts.

How much is a Dime Bag?

dime of bud

The term dime big is essentially the smallest size of marijuana you can purchase in grams. People who use this term are those who prefer a confidential deal since dime bag is not a term known worldwide.

How small is a Dime Bag?

Very small, easily fits the palm of your hand. You cannot even tell that it is there.

How many Grams are in a Dime Bag?

There is only 1 gram of weed inside a dime bag.

What is the Price Range for Dime Bags?

The average cost for a single dime bag is around $10. It is very affordable and compact but prices may still vary depending on the store, type, and quality.

How much is a Dub of Bud?

dub of bud

A dub of bud is the weed measurement for twice the size of your regular dime bag. This variant is for those who want more than the content in dime bags. It only has a slight price difference as well which is a great deal.

How small is a Dub of Bud?

A dub of bud may be small but remember, it is twice the size of a dime bag. Its bag will perfectly fit in your palm. Regarding the packaging, it is usually inside a sealed transparent plastic bag. The bag contains weed that is capable of making 4-5 joints.

How many Grams are in a Dub of Bud?

There are only 2 grams of weed inside a Dub of Bud.

What is the Price Range for a Dub of Bud?

A dub of bud has a price range that is slightly higher than a dime bag. Meaning, it costs around $20-$30 depending on the store, type, and quality. Premium ones could be more than $30.

How much is an Eight of Bud?

an eighth of bud

An eight of bud is one of the common weed measurements that people use to purchase marijuana because its amount is perfect for those who are on a tight budget. An eight of buds is slightly cheaper than a dime bag

How small is an Eight of Bud?

An eight of buds only contains 6 to 8 buds. Some stores will give you more depending on your connection with the shop. This is why it is important to get along with local shop dealers.

How many Grams is in an Eight of Bud?

An eight of bud is composed of 3.5 grams of weed

How many Ounces is in an Eight of Bud?

An eight of buds is composed of ⅛ of an ounce.

What is the Price Range for an Eight of Bud?

Same with other sizes, prices vary depending on the type of weed, your location, the shop, and the quality. The average price range for an eight of bud is around $30 

How much is a Quarter of a Bud?

quarter of weed

A quarter of a bud may be next to the eight of bud variants but it is almost twice as big. It is one of the larger weed measurements purchased by those who would love to have a stash that would last for days to a week.

What is the Size of a Quarter of a Bud?

Unlike the other listings above, this size will completely cover your hand because it has lots of weed inside its packaging.

How many Grams are in a Quarter of a Bud?

A quarter of a bud contains 7 grams of weed.

How many Ounces are in a Quarter of a Bud?

A quarter of a bud contains ¼ ounces of weed

What is the Price Range for a Quarter of a Bud?

This is a mid ranged deal so It is expected that the price range for a quarter of a bud will be around $50-$70. Premium buds have a higher price.

How much is a Half Ounce or Half Zip of Weed?

half ounce of bud

A half ounce or half zip is a weed measurement that has a noticeable size difference and of course, price range. This size is for those who love to stash their weed that can last for many weeks.

What is the Size of a Half Ounce or Half Zip?

It fills up a small plate with weed that can last users for a few weeks to a month. You would need two hands to hold half an ounce of weed.

How many Grams are in a Half Ounce or Half Zip?

There is a whopping 14 grams inside a Half Zip.

What is the Price Range for a Half Ounce or Half Zip?

Now since this is a large sized variant, it is no surprise that its price has quite a gap compared to the other ones above. The price range will be around $100-$130 depending on the type of marijuana you are buying.

How much is a Zip of Weed?

zip of weed

When it comes to zips, the weed measurement for sellers could be in grams or ounces. Those who buy zips are consumers who want their weed to last for weeks or a month depending on the size they chose.

How many Grams is in one Zip?

For easy reference, a full zip is 28 grams. That is already a massive amount of weed. A zip could make 28-56 blunts in total or one hundred joints more or less. This is the reason why many consumers use zips as stocks.

How many Ounces is in one Zip?

A full ounce is equivalent to one zip. In some legal states, an individual is only allowed to own a full once at a given time. This law is strictly implemented because authorities believe that purchasing more than a full ounce leads to distribution.

What is the Price Range for Zips?

Whether the zip is measured by grams or ounces,  a full ounce or 28 grams of weed costs around $200. It is important to keep in mind the quality as well since the quality will affect the price drastically.


Buying a zip with either of those two weed measurements is good for stocking. This will give you the advantage of no longer worrying about running out for a long period of time.

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