Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid – Know The Differences Between The Types

Know Three Marijuana Types: Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid

Any self-respecting marijuana grower or user should know the difference between the different strains of marijuana. 

A quick review for you: Marijuana is medicinal plant native to South and Southeast Asia. There are two species of this cannabis plant. The first one is Cannabis sativa while the other one is C. indica. A cross between these two species of cannabis is a hybrid.

Different strains of marijuana have become very trendy and popular throughout the years. But as users go through from one strain of marijuana to another, each person eventually develops an affinity to a specific type of cannabis. Some gravitate more towards the effects of sativa plants. Others enjoy the effects of indica plants. Many more choose to experiment on different hybrids of both species.

Whether a long-time hobbyist or are a newbie who is just beginning to explore what cannabis variety suited you the best, it is very important that you know the difference between indica vs sativa vs hybrid strains of cannabis. As a marijuana user, it is important that before you buy your stash of weed, you understand the difference between indica sativa and hybrid strains.

The difference between sativa and indica plant stems from the dominant compounds present in the leaves of these two species. As for the hybrid strains, the level of compounds will vary.


Cannabis Sativa

All the different varieties of C. sativa strains are known for the high concentration of the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This compound is well known to be the substance found in marijuana that produces the trippy high that many people associate with recreational drugs. Therefore, smoking a joint of a C. sativa, will produce the type of high that is very cerebral. The effect of most varieties of C. sativa strains are less physical. Your mind, your consciousness, and your perception of the world are affected by THC. 

What you need to understand is because a plant is a C. sativa, it does not mean that the effects of all of its different varieties will be all the same. The levels of THC in C. sativa strains play a great role in determining the strengths of the effects of the plant. As such, it is important for you to check the level of THC in the leaves. Marijuana varieties with around 15% – 20% level of THC is considered strong. These types of C. sativa varieties will surely produce a strong punch of euphoria, hunger, arousal, and focus. Not only are the effects potent, they are also long lasting. 

Varieties of this species produce uplifting high with the euphoria. The high often starts low and will eventually build up as time passes. Sativa strain, therefore, produce effects such as increased sense of happiness relief, and motivation. Another important thing to take note about this strain is you will not feel sleepy at all. What you will rather get is a strong a sense of calm, harmony, serenity, peace, and relaxation. This feeling will soon culminate to an extreme euphoria. 

As for the medicinal use of a C. sativa plant, it is often used or advised by health professionals to help manage chronic pain and discomfort. It is also helpful for people who need to focus on their jobs.

A very good example of a C. sativa variety of marijuana is the Strawberry Cough. This variety of marijuana is very potent sativa. Similar to other sativas, this cannabis plant contains a huge amount of THC. This variety is extremely popular because of it has a very distinct strawberry taste that cannot be found in most marijuana varieties. It has very positive effects on a user. Like most sativa strains of marijuana, this variety improves concentration and focus and at the same time it produces relaxing effects both the body and mind.


Cannabis Indica

The C. indica varieties of marijuana have very distinct effects in comparison to C. sativa strains. The indica varieties are well-known for their sedative effects. If we are going to compare indica and sativa effects, the indica plant will slow you down and make you feel very sleepy while a sativa will wake you up and make you feel hyper-aware and hyperactive. The indica sativa difference is caused by the difference in compounds found in both plants. If we are going to create a “sativa vs indica chart,” you will notice that sativa varieties will most likely make you feel more awake, more aware, and more physically active. This is in great contrast to the indica varieties which will make you sleep. The reason behind this is because of the high presence of Cannabidiol (CBD) in C. indica types of marijuana.

CBD has the opposite effects of the THC. This is often considered to be the substance that causes the medicinal value in marijuana. 

A pure C. indica marijuana are often made famous by various websites and cannabis influencers and advocates. Comparing the effects of sativa vs indica high, an C. indica is celebrated all over the world for their sedative and relaxing effects than the trippy high most associated with recreational drugs. In fact, C. indica plants are the perfect type of cannabis for people who are looking for the variety of weed for health, wellness, and medicinal purpose as oppose to sativa varieties that are often sought after for recreational use. The effects of cannabis indica dominant plants are relaxing and sedating to both the mind and body. You will feel focused, happy, and relaxed. It gives a mellow lift that builds up in the back of your head which will be accompanied by dramatic increase in feeling of drowsiness. 

Coupled with its subtle sweet and earthy aromas and very relaxing effects, this species of cannabis is perfect for people who are looking for marijuana to use while meditating or just chilling. Because of its effects, it has become a popular go-to remedy to manage stress and anxiety, as well as long-term depression and insomnia. 

A very good example of an indica type of marijuana is the Cannatonic marijuana. This variety of indica  dominant cannabis plant offers potent effects that cannot be compared with many strains of marijuana. This marijuana has been reported to have the record-breaking highest CBD content in the world. This really high CBD content is widely acclaimed for its therapeutic attributes.  Because its CBD content can get as high as 17% in this indica type of marijuana, this cannabis strain has been the marijuana of choice for patients who are suffering from symptoms of epilepsy, pain, and a variety of other chronic ailments. 

With indica vs sativa the only thing that matters is the presence of THC and CBD. Just remember that indica plants have more CBD, while sativa has more THC. 

As for hybrid strains, the characteristics are highly dependent on what type parent cannabis plant is dominant. So for a typical indica sativa hybrid cannabis, you need to research on the specific cannabis plant. You cannot really arbitrarily compare sativa vs hybrid or indica vs hybrid.  A hybrid may contain both characteristics of sativa and indica. Some hybrids have more indica dominant. Others have more sativa dominant. 

For example, the Gift Marijuana is a hybrid strain of marijuana. While it has both sativa and indica parents, The Gift is very popular for its stereotypical sativa attributes. This hybrid produces typical sativa effects which are very stimulating and uplifting. It will also help increase your focus to do any activities set for the day.  The Gift as a very potently sativa dominant hybrid. It will keep you up but won’t leave you feeling tired or worn out. 

On the other hand, a very good example of a hybrid with strong indica dominant characteristics is the Gabriel Sherbet. This type of cannabis produces an uplifting relaxation that will spread throughout the body. It will leave you with scattered thoughts. Ideas will come and go quickly until you zone out and as your brain wander aimlessly, you will fall asleep. Gabriel Sherbet is sought after for the management of depression and stress. This indica dominant strain helps uplift the body of fatigue and stop the feeling of nausea. For anorexic, bringing back the appetite for people who have problems with eating is made easy with this drug. For people with chronic pain, the high CBD content may be helpful for headaches, and migraine.



A hybrid with both cannabis indica and sativa characteristics is the Bootylicious. It is a really awesome 50/50 hybrid created by crossing the Constantine (Orange Valley OG x The Cube hybrid) and Cookies and Cream strains of cannabis together. Its high THC will help you maintain your good mood, boost your confidence, increase your energy, and create deep calmness all at once. As for its indica effects, Bootylicious produces a solid head high. It also increased your level of alertness.

How To Choose The Best Cannabis Strain Types For Your Grow?

For many growers, especially the beginners, and recreational users, it is very important to find out the strain of your marijuana. The effects of sativa and indica are world apart. Knowing the difference between the three will help you decide which marijuana to choose. You can get all three species from any seed banks. They have strains of sativa, indica, and different hybrids of cannabis. As such, make sure to do your homework and search out the different

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