Best Weed Grinder In 2020: 10 Best Herb Grinder Reviews

Best Weed Grinder

Do you grind your own weed? No? Why not? You’ve already got the best LED grow lights and the best grow tent kit – why are you slacking on the end result?

An herb grinder will allow you to evenly break down your buds, producing a high-quality product while also conserving your time, energy, and money. A good pot grinder will also double as storage or can even be used as another device, like a tobacco grinder. Plus, a marijuana grinder will help catch kief, the precious trichomes that contain a majority of the plant’s cannabinoids. 

If you are able to use good grinder to process your weed, you will not only be rewarded with a cleaner, more even burn, but you’ll also be able to roll better joints. What’s not to love?

Unfortunately, if you’re wondering where to buy a weed grinder – or how to find the best weed grinder – you’ve likely found yourself overwhelmed by all the options. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve searched all the big herb grinders out there, and from the best grinder on Amazon to all the new weed grinders you might find. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the best weed grinder options out there. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Best Weed Grinder in 2020: Our Picks

10 Best Herb Grinder in 2020

Kozo Best Herb Grinder

When you purchase the GStar kief grinder, you get a stainless steel herb grinder in gun-metal gray that not only offer a high-quality performance, but is also attractive to look at. This grinder has solid metal teeth that grinds your weed carefully before passing it on to be filtered by the 500-micron pollen screen.

In addition, this grinder has powerful magnets that keep your grinder lid firmly in place to make sure you have smooth grinds and that you don’t experience any fortunate spills or drops while you are working. 

This grinder also has a modern design and it works well, allowing you to grind all of your marijuana with a simple flick of the wrist. An affordable product, it requires no batteries, no set up, and no electricity. Cleaning it is easy and it even comes with a pollen scraper. This marijuana grinder can be used for herbs, spices, and of course, tobacco. It has a compact, sleek design that makes it easy to store your weed, too. 

What We Liked:

  • Durable metal construction
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Shipped with a bonus pollen scraper

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Weed sometimes has a tendency to get packed into magnet
Golden Gate Grinders 1 Best Herb Grinder 2.5 Inch 4 Anodized Aluminum with Pollen Catcher

Golden Gate grinders are some of the best cool grinders you can find, and for good reason. This grinder is made out of maximum-strength aircraft-grade aluminum. Of all the good grinders out there, you aren’t going to find a grinder that will beat the durability of this device. 

Despite being an affordable pick, this weed grinder has sharp diamond cutting teeth that offer superior performance and effortless shredding. It comes with a stainless-steel mesh screen to filter out fine pollen and pollen scraper is included, too.

This weed grinder comes with powerful neodymium magnets that allow you to close and use your weed grinder with ease. Plus, it offers odor control and freshness along with a thin poly o-ring so that the grinder not only conceals your marijuana but also allows you to grind without unnecessary friction. 

The exterior of the weed grinder is scratch-resistant, equipped with a black anodized finish matte to prevent flaking, smudging, or peeling. It even comes with an unquestioned lifetime warranty to put you at ease with your purchasing decision. 

What We Liked:

  • Sides are textured to offer a superior grip
  • Ideal 2.5 inch size
  • Well-designed teeth that do not shred or rip

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Shallow area for holding product
Zip Grinders ZG-00011 Four Piece with Pollen Catcher Large Herb Grinder

Zip Grinders offers another marijuna grinder that you need to consider. At 3.25 inches, this pot grinder is a relatively large weed grinder, but nevertheless is a weed shredder that should help you get the job done every time.

Roughly twice the size of normal grinders, this marijuana grinder has a massive clear chamber so that you can not only store up to 6 tablespoons of mariuana, but you can see what you have going on,too. It has 49 diamond-shaped sharp teeth to help you grind more smoothly and consistently. It also comes with  a 100 micron mesh screen along with a pollen scraper and box. 

This marijuana grinder is one of the best you can buy, offering a superior performance or your money back. It even has a clear top and an acrylic viewing window so you can see your ground product drop into the collection chamber. From start to finish, growing seeds to grinding your product, you will be in control of every aspect.

A unique design that offers a great architect, nice to look at, but it’s also strong and durable. Made out of solid CNC machining, neodymium magnets, and an anodized color coating, this grinder is one of the best you can buy.

Still not convinced? This weed grinder can be broken down to become a pocket grinder. All you have to do is remove the clear center chamber and you can use your grinder as a compact three-part pocket grinder that is small and ready to go.

What We Liked:

  • Has a stainless micron screen
  • Comes with a non-stick nylon glide ring for easy processing
  • Doubles as a pocket grinder

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not have a strong magnet
Monojoy Herb Grinder Spice Crusher

The Monojoy herb grinder is considered the best weed grinder for its aesthetics. This colorful herb grinder is made out of heavy-duty materials, offering high-quality grinding in a four-piece unit. It comes with razor-sharp metal teeth along with a high-quality  mesh screen filter to allow you to produce a finer powder. 

In addition, this herb grinder has an ultra-powerful magnetic lid. It will hold strong to reduce the likelihood of spilling and to prevent any unnecessary metallic twisting. The perfect size for travel, this cute little grinder is only about two inches in diameter and 1.4” in height. It can fit easily into your pocket and even comes with a pollen scraper.

What We Liked:

  • Best weed grinder for its appearance
  • Has an ultra-strong magnetic lid
  • Comes with a pollen scraper

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Paint chips off over time
Knimach Herb and Spices 2 Inch 4 Piece Grinder with Pollen Catcher Tray

The Knimach kief grinder is a good bud grinder that is built from the highest-quality materials with unrivaled durability. It comes with 53 extra-sharp diamond-shaped cutting teeth that are perfectly positioned to offer maximum efficiency. It also has powerful neodymium magnets that will reduce the likelihood of you spilling your precious product. 

This four-piece herb grinder makes carrying your marijuana easy, as it has a pollen catcher to offer efficiency and smooth shredding. Yes, it even comes with pollen scraper! With a powerful output and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s no reason not to trust the quality and longevity of this kief grinder – but if you’re still not convinced, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

What We Liked:

  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty
  • Great option for toting your marijuana
  • Has powerful neodymium magnets

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Weed has a tendency to get stuck in the top
Golden Bell 4 Piece 2 Spice Herb Grinder

One of the best grinder brands you will find is the Golden Bell grinder. One of the new weed grinders on the market, this four-piece grinder has three chambers and is made out of heavy-duty zinc alloy. It comes with a mesh screen to filter out fine pollen and has an included pollen scraper. 

The magnetized lid on this weed grinder reduce spilling, while the thin poly o-ring offers smooth grinding and minimal friction. Every purchase includes a lifetime warranty, if you’re still not convinced!

What We Liked:

  • Balanced weight and thickness of teeth and grinder
  • Neodymium magnets offer lasting power and freshness
  • Micron stainless steel mesh filters

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Shallow catch tray
Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

One of the best weed grinder products you will find for the money, the Platinum Grinders herb grinder is precision milled from strong, aircraft-grade aluminum. It has sharp diamond cutting teeth and a stainless steel mesh screen along with powerful neodymium magnets. A scratch-resistant product. The surface of this weed grinder has a blak anodized finish. 

This weed grinder comes with a 100% no hassle money back guarantee along with a unique platinum warranty. Despite its affordable price tag, you will certainly receive a high-quality performance in this weed grinder.

What We Liked:

  • All metal weed grinder
  • Optimal size at 2.5”
  • Plenty of teeth to grind your kief

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be hard to pull apart
Masterdam Grinders 4-Piece Herb Grinders

The Masterdam Grinders marijuana grinder is a great pot grinder to consider. It offers the perfect grind, allowing you to shred and fluff your herb with ease. It has a precision-hole pattern to ensure a perfect grind and comes in multiple colors, including matte grey and even green. 

This weed grinder has a micron screen and mini scraper to allow you to clean your weed and process it with nothing left behind. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a warranty, making sure you get exactly what you paid for.

What We Liked:

  • Can easily be cleaned with soap and water
  • Comes with precision-hole pattern
  • Has a micron screen and mini-scraper

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not the best for processing non-weed products
Chromium Crusher 3 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

The Chromium Crusher tobacco grinder can be used for tobacco, marijuana, or even spices. With a three-inch diameter and a nearly two-inch height, this product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However, you probably don’t need to use it – this tobacco grinder has a heavy-duty, durable zinc alloy construction. It comes with a pollen scraper and even has a durable ring so that you can grind marijuan quickly and easily.

This weed grinder has an exceptional four-piece, three-chamber design  -you’ll grind weed quickly with this product. Plus, it has a mesh screen to filter out pollen with ease. An economical, long-lasting weed grinder, it’s the one you’ve got to consider.

What We Liked:

  • Made out of heavy-duty zinc and CNC aluminum
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Is sent with a pollen grinder

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Holes can be a bit large
Ohuhu Herb Grinder

Often considered one of the best cannabis grinder options you can buy, the Ohuhu herb grinder offers 24 diamond-shaped teeth with exceptional shredding power. It’s offers of the best dry herb grinder features, too, in that it is made out of four pieces with three separate chambers and is made out of heavy-duty zinc alloy. 

This best dry herb grinder even comes with a magnetized lid. This lid reduces the likelihood of spilling your product, and since it is a three-chamber grinder, you won’t have to worry about places to store your weed. Plus, it is a good herb grinder in that it includes a mesh screen to collect fine pollen and even a mini-pollen scraper.

What We Liked:

  • Best herb grinder if you are looking for an affordable buy
  • Made out of heavy-duty zinc alloy
  • Comes in four pieces

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only has 24 grinding teeth

How To Choose The Best Weed Grinder For You?

What is the Best Weed Grinder?

When you are shopping for the best grinder on Amazon, you might feel tempted to jump at the first week shredder you find. Not so fast  – not all weed grinders are built alike. However, here are some of the key considerations you need to make when you are wondering, “what is the best weed grinder?”

First, think about the material. The most commonly used materials are acrylic, wood, and metal. Wood grinders look nice, but they tend to be of lower quality than metal grinders. They usually only come with one compartment and the teeth are not as strong. 

Acrylic grinders, on the other hand, are extremely inexpensive. However, like wood, they are not of the highest quality and they have somewhat delicate teeth  – even more delicate than those of wooden grinders. After time, they will begin to break down.

The most common – and most highly recommended material for your weed shredder –  is metal. Metal grinders tend to last for quite some time, with the teeth rarely breaking and the grinder staying together for years to come.

You should also consider the design of the grinder. Most weed grinders have a nice aesthetic and are also ergonomic, meaning you will not only be comfortable using your weed grinder, but you will look good doing it, too. 

In addition, while most of the best weed grinders have 50 teeth on average, some have more and some have less – the teeth can also be in different shapes. Diamond-shaped teeth, however, tend to produce the best results, allowing you to process weed more finely. The shapes of the holes in the bottom of the grinder also play a major role. 

Remember, the more teeth your weed grinder has, the better, in most cases. If you have a weed grinder with 50 teeth, you can grind weed in a grinder that is 2.5 inches, meaning you will be able to grind more weed in a shorter span of time.

Where Can I Buy a Weed Grinder?

You can buy a weed grinder from just about any dispensary or store that specializes in selling marijuana growing equipment. In some cases, you may be able to buy a weed grinder at a shop that does not specialize in this kind of equipment – like a home store – because often, weed grinders double as all-purpose herb grinders and can be found in other niches, too. As you’ll see from our reviews, many weed grinders can also be purchased online.

When you are shopping, consider buying guides and reviews like this one, which will help you figure out the best weed grinder for your needs. While you might want to consider a product that doubles as an herb grinder, what’s more important is that you find a product that allows you to store your weed safely and without it losing any freshness.

A weed grinder with a warranty is always a good idea, too. Some products we mentioned have lifetime warranties, while others offer no protection  – whether you choose a product with a warranty or not is up to you, but keep in mind it can offer some peace of mind.

In addition, some weed grinder manufacturers offer products with money-back guarantees. These allow you to return the pot grinder to the manufacturer if you are unhappy, and you will receive a refund no matter what.

What are the Benefits of a Weed Grinder?

Thinking about buying a weed grinder? Good choice. If you don’t yet have a weed grinder, it’s a purchase you definitely need to consider making.

The best weed grinder will allow you to improve the quality of your marijuana, seemingly without doing anything at all. A grinder enhances the aromas and natural flavors of your marijuana, allowing you to release nutrients and flavors that cannot be released with your fingers.

The buds of your plant will also be more potent. The more finely ground the weed, the stronger the kick, regardless of whether you plan to smoke, ingest, or vaporize the marijuana. .

Marijuana grinders also allow you to produce a more versatile product. The grounds can be used for a variety of purposes, allowing you to have maximum flexibility and control over the creative process involved in producing your weed. 

Finally, a weed grinder will allow you to speed up the process of grinding your weed. You can cut your processing time in half so that you don’t have to spend hours working on processing your final marijuan product.

What are the Types of Weed Grinders?

To begin, you need to think about how many compartments your weed grinder has. There are three types of weed grinders. Weed grinders generally come with one to three compartments. 

One-compartment weed grinders are often referred to as two-piece grinders and are generally made out of wood. Though inexpensive, the grinders produce weed that has a tendency to be inconsistent in size. 

Two-compartment weed grinders have holes in the bottom of the one-compartment system that allow the weed to travel to a second compartment. The holes have a defined size, giving you more consistent weed. This type of weed, also known as a three-piece grinder, allows you to separate weed based on size.

The final option is the three-compartment grinder, which is comprised of four pieces and offers a high quality of ground weed. You may also hear this type of weed grinder referred to as a four-piece grinder. It can also collect pollen and kief. 

In addition to these three options, weed grinders can be manual or electric. While electric grinders are often considered a luxury for home growers or recreational growers, they are still commonly sought after by commercial growers. 

What Size Weed Grinder Should You Buy?

Pay close attention to the size of your weed grinder. In most cases, your personal preferences and growing needs will determine the size that is best for you. Small weed grinders are usually about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, offering portability and discretion so that you can easily carry it with you without people wondering what you have. 

However, medium-sized grinders are more popular, as they offer this same level of portability along with higher functionality. Simply put, you can grind more weed when you use a medium-sized grinder, which will be up to three inches in diameter, than you can with a small diameter.

Finally, a large grinder might be best if you have large amounts of weed to process, but it comes at a cost. These goliaths can be up to 3.75 inches or four inches in diameter, and while they offer large teeth that produce a better product, you need to be careful about using a 4-inch herb grinder because there is a chance of injuring yourself on it, too. 

How Do You Clean and Use a Weed Grinder?

Weed grinders are easy to clean and use. It’s important that you clean a weed grinder before each use because it will improve the longevity of your device and the quality of your marijuana.

Before cleaning, op your grinder in the freezer to loosen up any stuck-on plant matter. Take it apart and clean every component individually, using a soft bristle brush or even a toothpick. Avoid using metal to scrape down the device. 

Once you’ve removed all the pieces, soak it in isopropyl alcohol. This will not only break down any thick pieces that are left behind after cleaning, but it will also sterilize your unit. Finally, you can rinse it with warm water, pat it dry, and put it back together.

Using a weed grinder correctly will ensure the best quality weed. Remember, you can have the most expensive or the very best weed grinder out there, but if you don’t know how to use it, you might as well be doing it by hand. 

To start, remove the lid of your grinder. If you see large pieces of buds, you might want to break them manually. Place your buds in the grinder, distributing them evenly, before placing the cover on the grinder. Once locked, you can begin. Spin your lid gently,rotating the top about ten times. 

Open the lid, tap your weed, replace it, and grind. This will help prevent particles from becoming stuck to the grinder, which can cause them to be uneven. Once your compartment that holds your weed is full, you can collect them. 

That’s all there is to it!


From the Qubus grinder to the Black Tie grinder, the Ohuhu herb grinder to the Masterdam grinder and everything in between, there are plenty of big herb grinders for you to choose from. The best grinder brands offer quality, affordability, and most importantly, functionality, so that you can get started with grinding your own weed immediately.

You don’t have to spend a fortune – nor do you need to buy an expert grower – to find a bud grinder that will suit your needs. The best weed grinders can be found just around the corner, and hopefully, this article has acquainted you with the best  tips on how to find a high-quality product that will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them for years to come.

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