5 Best Online Seed Banks That Ship To USA in 2020 (Reputable & Fast Shipping)

Best Online Seed Banks That Ship To USA

In many states within the United States, both medical and recreational marijuana have now been legalized. Growing your own cannabis is better than purchasing it from a dealer since you can control every aspect of it, from its taste and smell to even its appearance. However, it’s important to find seed banks that ship to the USA, as purchasing the seeds to grow your own is still illegal at the federal level – and seeds can’t be shipped across state lines.

If you’re looking for the best online seed bank, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of reliable seed banks that will not only send the seeds to you in a discreet package, but will offer added insurance and replacements in case your seeds get stopped at customs. In this list, we have featured either the most reputable seed bank in the US and internationally. 

The selections were made based on the following factors: 

  • Trustworthy, reputation and reliability
  • Excellence in customer service and support
  • Availability and selections of strains
  • Product and seeds quality
  • Reliable and fast shipping

Here’s everything you need to know about buying cannabis seeds online in the USA – and the best marijuana seed banks to find them at.

5 Best Online Seed Banks that Ship to USA

1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Best Overall

2. Crop King Seeds – Fastest Shipping

3. MSNL Seedbank – Editor’s Choice

4. Seedsman – Largest Strain Collection

5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds


Best Overall


  • Free and fast shipping
  • Germination guarantee
  • Top quality seeds
Crop King

Fastest Shipping

Crop King

  • Germination guarantee
  • Fast shipping
  • Multiple payment methods
MSNL Seeds

Editor's Choice

MSNL Seeds

  • Low-cost value packs available
  • High-quality, highly refined strains
  • Best for commercial buyers

Largest Strain Collection


  • Stealth shipping
  • Large variety of seeds available
  • Payment with bitcoin gets 25% off
Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Excellent Customer Service

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Excellent customer service
  • Awesome germination rates

1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Top Seed Bank Overall


ILGM is one of the best online seed banks that ship to the USA.

ILGM is located in Netherlands and operated by Robert Bergman, an expert and experienced grower of marijuana.

He’s been producing and developing various strains of marijuana for many years. ILGM, or I Love Growing Marijuana, has over 20 years of experience and was officially founded as  a company in 2012. ILGM offers some of the best Amsterdam marijuana.

If you need to ship cannabis seeds to the USA, this company is the way to go. They offer a variety of marijuana seeds, ad you’re sure to find something you love. If you’re not sure what to try, the breeder offers various professional and beginner start ernad value packs – this way, you can try them out for size to figure out what you like. 

The company accepts a myriad of payment options, including credit cards (both Visa and MasterCard), cash, bitcoin, and more. The seeds ship free of charge, and all seeds come with a germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t germinate, they’ll send another one for free. 

All seeds are packaged shipped discreetly – if the seeds don’t get to you, you will get another package for free. Over 100 different strains are available, and the website is worth a visit. The company has hundreds of helpful articles and grow guides, which can be super helpful when you are just getting started.


  • Free and fast shipping – most orders are received in less than two weeks
  • Website is available in French, Spanicsh, Dutch, and English
  • Germination guarantee on all of the 100+ strains available


  • Not the largest collection of seeds

2. Crop King Seeds – Fastest Shipping Seed Bank

crop king seeds

Crop King Seeds is one of the top seed banks in North America, having offered high-quality seeds for nearly 15 years. Crop King Seeds is located in Vancouver, Canada. 

This company is slowly beginning to make its mark – and build its reputation – as  a top seed bank that ships to the USA. 

This company may not offer quite as many seeds as other tops need banks, but it offers its own personally cultivated strains so you know you are getting the best of the best. The company allows you to select various filters to search for the strain that is right for your needs. They also offer a website section that tells you all about how to germinate your new seeds. 

Crop King offers speedy shipping times – most orders are shipped and received within two days for domestic orders and only about two weeks for those sent to the United States. All seeds are packaged in authentic, discreet packaging to maintain your privacy. 

Crop King doesn’t just have an online presence – this breeder also has 100 different stores in Canada in which they sell their seeds. The company does not have a free shipping policy – the least expensive shipping option is about ten dollars. Nevertheless, there are 31 different strains to choose from, all of which have a good germination rate of 80% or more. If your seeds don’t germinate, the company will resend you new seeds.


  • Germination guarantee 
  • Shipping is fast 
  • Multiple payment methods (bitcoin, debit/credit card, money orders) accepted 


  • Not as many strains available

3. MSNL Seedbank – Editor’s Choice

MSNL Seeds

All the seed banks on this list are really good, but MSNL is the best!

This company ships worldwide and is one of the many seed banks that ships to the USA. They offer refined strains of marijuana that are highly sought after in the cannabis community. Located in the Netherlands, this company offers some of the best quality seeds. You can purchase feminized, regular, or auto flower seeds from this company via their online store: marijuana-seeds.nl

Offering relatively fast shipment – most packages take less than three weeks to be delivered- MSNL Seeds has won a ton of awards for its germination guarantees and strain genetics – these are some high quality seeds. In fact, the seeds are only grown by experts and have an average germination rate of over 90%. All seeds undergo strict quality-control testing.

Seeds are shipping with stealth, ensuring that you will seed your seed no matter what. You also get free seeds for every order – usually up to five. For commercial marijuana growers, this is a major bonus.


  • Low-cost value packs available to help you save money
  • High-quality, highly refined strains
  • Best for commercial buyers 


  • Does not accept bitcoin

4. Seedsman – Largest Strain Collection


A seed bank based out of the United Kingdom, Seedsman is considered the best online seed bank if you are looking for a trustworthy purchase of high-quality kush. This company has been around since 2003 and offers well-established products with over 3000 different kinds of marijuana seeds. The company collects from 65 seed banks from all over the world, so when you buy with Seedsman, you can not only purchase their seeds but also those from other growers.

You can even buy medicinal seeds when you shop with Seedsman. These are known for their ability to relieve problems like depression, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and more. 

Seedsman offers some of the most affordable seeds yet still manages to offer a top-notch product. They’re known for their variety – in addition to seeds, they also sell books, clothing, and storage products. They offer regular discounts and they even offer loyalty points to help you save money on your next shopping trip. 

Plus, the company offers a stealthy shipping option that allows you to get guaranteed delivery no matter where you live. You can use a variety of payment methods at checkout, like debit cards, credit cards, and more. It usually takes one to three weeks for the seeds to be delivered.


  • Stealth shipping
  • Over 3,000 types of seeds available
  • Payment with bitcoin gets 25% off each order


  • Unresponsive customer service
quebec cannabis seeds

Started in 2012, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is owned and operated out of Montreal. This seed bank only carries the best of the best strains and also offers superb customer service.

Not only does Quebec Cannabis Seeds have fifty of the world’s finest strains of marijuana seeds, but you’ll be able to find seeds in all kinds of categories here – including regular, auto-flowering, and feminized, too. 

The company is known for its stealth shipping and quick delivery. You’ll get tracking with your order so you will know exactly when it is arriving, too. You’ll enjoy the high-quality strains that are perfect for recreational as well as medicinal uses. 


  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Excellent customer service
  • Awesome germination rates


  • Very few payment options (no cryptocurrencies allowed)

Choosing the Best Marijuana Seeds to Buy Online: What Should You Look For?

When you purchase seeds from a seed bank, it’s important to know exactly what you are looking for. You can generally sort and auto-filter results on a seed bank’s website. These are the most important factors to filter for. 


Filtering by sex is the easiest way to make sure you get what you paid for. Regular seeds from cannabis plant will yield mixed female and male plants. If you want to sustain a long-term crop of regular or hydroponic weed, you will want to get regular seeds so that you can sustain the genus through natural evolution.

However, if you have a limit on how many plants you can grow – which is often determined by the available space as well as the laws in your specific state – you will only want female plants. Therefore, you will need to purchase feminized seeds. These seeds are produced by breeding two female cannabis plants so that all the seeds only contain XX chromosomes. 


You should also look at the genetic background of your plants. You can generally break seeds down into autoflowering, hybrid, idnica, or sativa strains.

Autoflowering seeds are non-photoperiod plants. These can be regular or feminized and flower under any amount of light. These plants grow quickly and complete their life cycle in less than 60 days from seed. They can benefit from light, making them a good option for indoor cash-croppers who want high yields.

Hybrid seeds combine traits of two other strands – indica and sativa. There are hundreds of different hybrid strains available, but most grow up strong like a sativa but have heavy buds, like indica. These are the most popular category of seeds available, and you can often further sort a website to show different options for aroma, cannabinoid contents, flavors, yields, sizes, and flowering times.

Indica seeds are stout plants with fat leaves, stocky builds, ad thick stems. It grows a lot like a bush and produces a ton of marijuana in a small area. Because these plants are native to temperate climates like Pakistan and Nepal, the resulting cannabis is sticky and dank. It is not mold-resistant, requiring a low-humidity climate (yes, you can stash the hose for now!), but the plants flower quickly. 

Sativa plants are tall plants that have pointed leaves and long branches. These plants grow quite tall, often reaching over 15 feet. Native to subtropical and tropical climates, these plants have a long flowering cycle of well over 10 weeks. It is very disease-and mold-resistant and is one of the best types of marijuana to be grown outside

Other Factors

Not all marijuana plants are built alike. Some strains have high levels of CBD, helping to relieve pain. Others are higher in CBN, which helps you sleep, and others contain THC to help lower your anxiety. Think carefully about the factors you want in your strain, and then look to see if that strain is offered by your chosen seed bank.

You may also want to consider the growing requirements of your chosen strain. What kind of potting soil do they need? Some plants prefer acidic soils – while others like more alkaline soils. Do your research to make sure you are getting the best plant for your needs, and consider testing your soil ahead of time, too.

How Should You Pay for Your Seeds?

Pot seeds in the USA can be paid for in a variety of methods, but you should look for a seed bank that allows you to use many types of payment – these banks tend to be the most reputable. Most stores accept payment in the form of credit cards, debit cards, check or money order, cash in the mail, bank transfer, and bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is often viewed as the safest way to purchase cannabis seeds in the USA. Not only is it a safe payment method, but many seed banks offer discounts and free seeds for customers who make payment in this way. 

Most seed banks ship and charge discreetly. This means that your bank statement likely won’t include words like mairjuana, cannabis, or seed. If you’re concerned about this, make sure you contact the seed bank ahead of time to inquire about their shipping and billing policies.

Can You Legally Ship Marijuana Seeds to the United States?

If you are looking for reputable seed banks in the U.S. – you can’t, because it is not legal to sell seeds domestically in the country. You can easily purchase seeds online, but because of the different laws in each state, it is not usually possible to sell them between states. 

The US customs laws dictate that if your seed package is opened, you will not be put on any kind of watch list or subject to any penalties. However, the seeds will be thrown out and you will be sent a notice that the seeds were confiscated. In most cases, the seed bank from which you purchased your marijuana seeds will send you a replacement.

Why is Good Customer Service Important When Buying Marijuana Seeds?

It is important that you choose a seed bank that is not only a seed bank that ships to the USA, but that it is one that is reliable. Reliable seed banks are few and far between, but the difference between good customer service and poor customer service can impact whether you receive your package – or whether it’s confiscated by customs. 

You need to make sure your package is offered with stealth shipping. Since it is not legal to buy high-quality cannabis seeds in the USA, you need to make sure your product will get past customs. A good marijauana seeds supplier will offer shipping that is reliable as well as guarantees in case your package does not reach you. 

The best online seed banks will also have plenty of loyalty and payment options for customers to choose from. If you regularly buy seeds, you should be rewarded –  most of the breeders we reviewed offered significant discounts for regular buyers. 

As always, make sure you read the online review of the seed bank to make sure you are investing in a reputable dealer. You should watch out for signs of scams or fake seed banks. There are lots of scam artists out there who want to trick you into purchasing from them. You should ensure that the best cannabis seed bank has a working telephone number and available support team, privacy policy and terms and conditions on their web page, and terms of refund or reshipment. 

Sellers who do not respond to your inquiries or sell non-authentic varieties of seeds are not to be trusted. In addition, you should watch out for those that sell old seeds or do not accept refunds. 


If it’s the first time you are growing seeds, congratulations – you are going to love it. Growing your own marijuana plants is a great way to produce your own supply as well as to begin your gardening experience. Purchasing seeds online can be daunting and stressful, but there are plenty of seed banks that ship to the US. 

Make sure you are purchasing seeds from a respected, reputable seed bank. This will help ease any fears you might have and will not only make the buying process less stressful, but it will also make it downright enjoyable! Now get your soil ready and hang your grow lights –  it’s time to get growing.

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