8 Best Garden Hose Reels 2020 (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Garden Hose Reels

You’ve planted your garden. You’ve worked hard to keep things weeded, mulched, and watered. You shouldn’t have to do extra work when it comes to cleaning up your equipment, too. A heavy duty garden hose reel can help make your life a little easier. 

If you’re sick of tangles and leaks and are ready to find a more permanent solution to your lawn care annoyances, it’s time to consider a water hose reel. Using our list of the best hose reels for your garden you can grow the most gorgeous garden of all time… or at least you will have an easier time trying.

Why You Should Use A Garden Hose Reel

If you’ve ever owned a garden hose– most people have, come to think of it– you know what a vital role this piece of equipment plays on your property. Keeping a lawn or garden well-watered is absolutely essential to maintaining its health. Providing an even amount of moisture during the driest months of the year can help your plants thrive and allow you to grow a green, lush lawn.

There are so many benefits to using a garden hose reel. Sure, you can leave your hose in a tangled pile on the front lawn, but this has a lot of drawbacks. Leaving your hose unwound across the garden or the lawn can create a tripping hazard, particularly because your hose will likely blend in easily with the surrounding grass and plants. Plus, the rubber casing that surrounds your hose will become very slippery and become even more hazardous when it is wet.

If that wasn’t reason enough to consider investing in a garden hose reel, keep in mind that a knotted or kiniked hose can increase the likelihood of breakage or other damage. A heavy duty garden hose reel will increase the longevity of your hose, allowing you to store it properly where it will not become damaged– or cause injury to others! In fact, a properly stored garden hose will last up to five times longer when stored properly. 

Finally, a properly stored garden hose will be less likely to leak. When you wind your hose up on a garden hose reel, you will be able to see right away if the tap has not quite turned off or if there are any holes in your hose. A leaking hose can also lead to wet spots on your lawn or garden that lead to the growth of unwanted fungi, like mushrooms. Storing your hose properly can also save some serious money on your water bill!

As you can see, a garden hose reel can be really helpful overall, whether you’re using your garden hose to water your lawn, to irrigate your vegetables, or perhaps just to steal an ice-cold sip of water on a hot summer day.

How to Choose A Garden Hose Reel

If you decide to Google the best garden hose reel, you are likely going to find yourself with an overwhelming variety of options. To narrow things down a bit, consider these most important factors to choose the best hose reel for your needs.

Length of Your Hose

The length of your existing or intended garden hose will be the most important factor in helping you to determine the ideal garden hose reel. Measure your hose, or look at the measurement on the hose you intend to buy, and then work out from the furthest point from the water source. 

If you have a large garden, locating your water tap in the central point can save some money, as you can get by with a shorter hose and a less expensive hose reel. However, if your taps are already in place, you will simply need to find a hose and hose reel that meet those specifications.

It is worth noting that some hose reels come with their own hoses, so, depending on the reel you choose, you might not need to worry about matching your hose reel to the length of your existing hose.


Closely examine the materials that are used to construct the water hose holder in which you are interested. Durability is an important qualification of any product you choose to buy, but particularly in a garden hose holder. This is because this specific piece of equipment will be exposed to the elements throughout all kinds of conditions. The last thing you need is for your hose to be damaged because the garden hose reel simply couldn’t hold up. 

You might pay a bit more for a top-rated garden hose reel, but know that it will be worth it in the long run because you won’t have to repair or replace an inexpensive, cheaply made device. There are dozens of materials that are used to build garden hose reels- you can find them in PVC, nylon, rubber, polyurethane – there are even metal hose reels!

However, the most important factor to consider is how and where you will use your hose reel. If you tend to put a lot of wear and tear on your equipment, it would be wise to invest in a higher-quality hose reel made out of durable materials. This is especially true if you have a tendency to leave your equipment outside throughout the harsh winter months!


The next thing to consider on your list of features is whether you want your garden hose reel to be portable or not. Think about your watering needs. If you know your reel is going to need to move with you to all the corners of your garden, it might make more sense to purchase a lightweight reel that is made out of materials like plastic or PVC. 

Some garden hose reels even come with easy grip handles or wheels. In this way it acts more like a hose caddy, allowing you to move the unit as a whole. With a garden hose reel cart, you can push your hose wherever you need it to go, making it easier to water every last inch of your garden.

If portability does not matter, purchase a hose reel that can be mounted to the wall to save space.

Other Features

There are several other features to consider when you are in the market for the best garden hose reel. For example, do you want your hose to be able to retract? A retractable hose reel can save you some work because it uses automatic functions to pull the hose back onto the reel. A retractable garden hose reel may not be essential, but it can be helpful if you have a long garden or want to save the arm strength that is required to reel the hose back in. 

Some garden hose reels also come with accessories. They may have quick installation hardware or the ability to stop and start your water flow. Some even use water pressure to wind the hose back up, which can save you energy and time.

Best Garden Hose Reel: Top 8 Picks

No matter what kind of grass or other plants you have, you need a garden hose reel that will help you get the job done. Here are the top 8 garden hose reels you can find.

Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder​

Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder​

  • Dimensions: 24" x 27" x 23.5"​
  • Weight: 22.1 lbs
  • Brand: Suncast
RL Flo-Master 65HR8

RL Flo-Master 65HR8

  • Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 23 in
  • Weight: 26.6 lbs
  • Brand: RL Flo-Master
Eley Rapid Wall Mount Reel 1041

Eley Rapid Wall Mount Reel 1041

  • Dimensions: 20 x 9 x 19 in
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Brand: Rapid Reel
Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder​

Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder​

  • Dimensions: 26 x 21 x 23.75 in
  • Weight: 24.3 lbs
  • Brand: Suncast
Goodyear Hybrid Flex Polymer Hose Reel

Goodyear Hybrid Flex Polymer Hose Reel

  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 7.5 x 10.3​
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Brand: Goodyear
Liberty Garden Products 670: Garden Hose Wall Mount

Liberty Garden Products 670: Garden Hose Wall Mount

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 12 x 12 in
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs
  • Brand: Liberty Garden Products
Flexzilla Retractable ZIllagreen L8250FZ

Flexzilla Retractable ZIllagreen L8250FZ

  • Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 15 in
  • Weight: 7.26 lbs
  • Brand: Flexzilla
Suncast. DHH150: Deluxe Garden Hose Hangout

Suncast. DHH150: Deluxe Garden Hose Hangout

  • Dimensions: 6 x 14 x 13 in
  • Weight: 11.2 oz
  • Brand: Suncast

1. Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder

This garden hose reel isn’t just functional– it’s also stylish. It comes with a three-year limited warranty and is a great option for people who work hard to make their outdoor spaces attractive as well as usable. 

This reel fits in well with any backyard design scheme, with a base comprised of a durable resin material and a storage box that is wicker. The reel is completely invisible, encased inside a crafty wicker box. All you have to do is flip a lever and the hose rewinds itself back into the box– no hands required. That makes it the perfect tool for gardeners with mobility issues or a lack of space. 

The standard hose for this reel is 125 feet, and the guide works to wind the hose up evenly. The product comes with both leader and discharge hoses. You don’t have to worry about snags inside the storage box. It also comes fully assembled so you don’t need to deal with any confusing assembly instructions. This garden hose reel even comes with two garden stakes to help secure it in your garden.

What We Like:

  • Conceals your hose and makes it impossible to detect
  • Comes with leader and discharge hoses as well as garden stakes
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Has a three year warranty to cover most damages

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Includes some fragile metal components that can easily break under pressure
  • Does not fit all sizes and models of hose
  • Only comes in one color (brown)

2. RL Flo-Master 65HR8

If you’re looking for a garden hose reel that has a more modern design scheme, you’ve got to consider the RL Flo-Master 65HR8. This retractable garden hose reel has a modern design and can save you some serious time and hassles in your gardening chores. It is a wall-mounted unit that can also be removed and carried via a handle. This way, you can take it with you anywhere you need to travel in your garden. 

This product is also easy to store, allowing you to stash it away during the winter months. This portable garden hose reel allows you to complete your watering chores quickly without having to stop and use a hand crank. Instead, it has an innovative design with a retractable spring loaded hose. The quit allows you to pull the hose out quickly, while an automic guide makes it impossible for the hose to overlap inside the reel while you are retracting the hose.

What’s even better is that the convenient, included wall bracket makes it possible for you to have up to 180 degrees of swivel movement. All mounting hardware is included, so no second trip to the hardware store will be required. It comes with a 66-inch leader hose and a 65 foot ⅝ inch reinforced hose. This hose has a threaded brass end and eight-spray pattern nozzle. 

What We Like:

  • Comes with a limited warranty 
  • Automatic guide makes it difficult for the hose to overlap while it is retracting
  • 8-pattern nozzle included
  • Unit can be removed from the bracket and includes a carrying handle for maximum portability 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only accommodates smaller hoses
  • Does not retract as well if there is water left inside the hose

3. Eley Rapid Wall Mount Reel 1041

This hose reel is a top choice by contractors because it works well on both commercial and residential properties. It is built to last for years since it is constructed out of heavy-duty die-cast aluminium. It has an attractive bronze finish along with a brass leak- and rust-proof swivel. 

This garden hose reel has a unique design that allows it to be mounted either perpendicular or parallel to the wall. This means that you can operate it in any location, and you can also comfortably use it regardless of whether you are left- or right-handed, which is always nice for the roughly 10% of the population that is always left out in the cold. 

When you purchase the Eley Rapid Wall Mount Reel, you also get a 6-foot long polyurethane inlet hose. This hose has crush-proof fittings made out of brass along with all the mounting hardware you need. This reel is compatible with 150-foot, 5/8-inch hoses as well as 100-foot, 3/4-inch hoses. It’s also covered by an ample 10-year warranty.

What We Like:

  • Designed for commercial as well as residential use
  • Built out of weather-resistant die-cast aluminium 
  • Rust-free and versatile design 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not come pre-assembled 
  • Warranty does not cover all damages

4. Suncast CPLSSM200B

Suncast has a reputation for producing high-quality garden hose reels, which is likely why this manufacturer has multiple spots on our round-up. This garden hose reel provides storage for an impressive 225’ of ⅝” reinforced hose, which will likely provide more hose than you could ever possibly need. 

This garden hose reel is also attractive, constructed with a neutral pattern and design so that it can fit into the vast majority of most home’s design schemes. It arrives fully assembled and is constructed with sturdy resin. It utilities revolutionary Smart Trak hose guide technology, allowing you to reel in your hose easily while expending less effort than you would with other garden hose reels. 

This hose reel is lightweight and can swivel 360 degrees. Because you can turn it in any direction, it is easy to move no matter where you are trying to use your hose. The patent easy link system makes connecting the reel and hose seamless and simple, and it even comes with a comfort grip handle so you can retract and carry your hose reel with you anywhere you go.

What We Like:

  • Comes with 225’ of hose
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Portable and flexible with the ability to turn in any direction

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Resin material does not hold up to the elements as well as other materials
  • Lightweight model that requires extra staking or weight to hold it in place

5. Goodyear Hybrid Flex Polymer Hose Reel

This unique hose reel offers a bonus feature– it not only works great with a garden hose, but it can also be used to store your air compressor hose if you choose not to use it to store a garden hose. This garden hose reel is versatile and sturdy, built out of impact-resistant polypropylene. It has a unique auto guide rewind system that makes it possible for this reel to retract the hose without any kinks.

It includes a hose that is 50’ in length and ⅝” in diameter. This garden hose reel has high marks for its lightweight, durable construction. It’s resistant to kinking and secures quickly with a sharp tug. It can be wall or ceiling mounted and is a great overall value as it serves multiple functions.

What We Like:

  • Can be used to inflate tires or water the lawn
  • Has a double adjustment function to lock or unlock the hose
  • Has a two-year limited warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only comes with a small garden hose and not an air compressor hose
  • Does not come with any nozzle attachments

6. Liberty Garden Products 670: Garden Hose Wall Mount

This wall-mounted garden hose reel has several distinct advantages: it can hold up to 125’ of ⅝” reinforced hose; it is comprised of durable cast aluminum; and also has an attractive decorative finish that will add a unique element of design to your home. If you’ve ever worried that purchasing a garden hose reel will add an unattractive cast to your home’s appearance, think again. 

This garden hose reel is not only attractive, but it’s easy to set up. It has a keyhole mounting system that makes it easy to place on the wall, but also easy to remove so that you can store it during the winter months. Also, because it is made out of cast aluminium, it is incredibly durable and long-lasting.

What We Like:

  • Cast aluminium eliminates the likelihood of rust
  • Gorgeous design fits into practically any design scheme
  • Impressive hose capacity 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some assembly required and not all hardware is included

7. Flexzilla Retractable ZIllagreen L8250FZ

If the name doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this exceptional garden hose reel, then our review should! This product doesn’t take up a ton of space and is lightweight and heavy-duty. It is portable and comes with an automatic retracting system that keeps all unnecessary hose locked up and tidy inside the reel. 

Constructed out of UV stabilized polypropylene, this hose reel is a great choice even when exposed to inclement weather. It does not kink up under pressure and comes with 30 feet of ⅜” hose. It also comes with a lifetime warranty– something you won’t often find in any other garden hose reel.

What We Like:

  • Certified as safe to use with drinking water
  • Takes up very little space
  • Easy to mount

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only holds 30’ of hose
  • Does not come pre-assembled

8. Suncast DHH150: Deluxe Garden Hose Hangout

This gorgeous garden hose reel actually comes as a wall mounted hanger. It’s a great choice for gardeners and homeowners who want a garden hose reel that is out of the way. It has a modern look and is built out of durable resin. It attaches securely to the wall and even has an enclosed storage compartment that is ideal for stashing the rest of your garden accessories, like watering equipment, gardening gloves, and spades. 

This hose reel doesn’t come with it’s own hose, but it can hold up to 150’ of ⅝ “ hose. While the resin won’t last as long as aluminum or steel hose reels, it has a reputation for lasting many years when given the proper care.

What We Like:

  • Can hold 150’ of ⅝” hose
  • Has an additional storage compartment 
  • Easy installation as it arrives fully assembled

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Resin material does not last as long as other materials
  • Does not come with a hose


A great water hose holder has a special place in your garden. It can allow you to store your garden hose without worrying about safety hazards or damage to the hose while also keeping your lawn looking tidy and protecting your hose against the elements. 

As such, you should really consider purchasing one of the garden hose reels we’ve mentioned above. These products are not only attractive, but they help to keep your lawn and garden looking mess-free. 

Choose one of these products, and you’ll be watering and tending to your garden like a professional landscaper in no time.

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