Best Feminized Seeds in 2020: Top 10 Picks For High Yields

best feminized seeds

When it comes to finding easy to grow strands of marijuana, the sheer quantity of options out there can make your head spin (and not in the good way). 

Feminized seeds are chosen by many growers because they increase your productivity and reduce your overall work. Investing in feminized marijuana seeds means that you will get plants that produce only buds that you can smoke – which is something found only in feminized (or female) marijuana seeds

Not sure what to look for? Here are some of the best feminized seeds for you to consider.

What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are those that can often be referred to as female cannabis seeds. These female pot seeds are bred to eliminate male chromosomes. Cannabis buds, which of course is the part of the plant that you smoke, can only be found in female plants, so getting rid of the male chromosomes can really enhance your overall yields.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

When you only grow feminized cannabis seeds, you will be able to quickly and effectively cultivate your plants. You won’t have to prune and maintain male plants, which will eventually need to be discarded, anyway. 

Plus, feminized cannabis seeds ensure that each and every plant is producing cannabis for you. You will be able to use  your space in a more effective way. The best feminized seeds can also be used to make mother plants, and you’ll enjoy more uniformity and a higher quality when it comes to the plants that they produce.

Top 10 Feminized Seeds of 2020

White Widow

One of the best feminized seeds from the Netherlands, White Widow originated as a hybrid of a Brazilian pure sativa and an Indian indica hybrid. It is so popular that today, its seeds can be found all over the world. Almost every online seed bank sells its own version of the classic strain. 

The feminized White Widow can easily be grown by beginners, as it’s remarkably low-maintenance and has few issues. It can easily be grown in colder areas, and has a mellow pine flavor with a cleancut head high. It only grows up to 100 centimeters tall, making it a good option for both indoor-and outdoor growers, too. 

It flowers over nine weeks and contains abou 19% THC. While this is a lower percentage of THC than you might be accustomed to seeing, keep in mind that it also has moderate levels of CBD to help satisfy you, too. It contains a perfect 50-50 split of sativa and indica strains. 

You can expect a totally stoned feeling after smoking this feminized seed strain, which is usually ready for harvest in late October. You’ll get up to 600 grams per plant when dried, too!

OG Kush

OG Kush offers the best of both indica and sativa strains. It is best-known for its ability to ease pain,and leaves users with a relaxed, happy feeling. It’s one of the most commonly used medicinal strains, as it can be used to treat pTSD, depression, migraines, stress, and more. 

With just nine weeks to flower, this plant is originally from northern California and is believed to be a mixture of Lemon Thai, Pakistani Kush, and CheMDawg. It yields up to 500 grams per plant and grows to a height of 160 centimeters on average. 

Amnesia Haze

Created as a descendant of one of the most popular Dutch strains of haze, Amnesia Haze was first developed by an American expatriate. It is known for its psychedelic head high – a shared feature among most varieties of haze-  and can easily be grown indoors. 

It has a long flowering time, especially when compared to some of the other top-rated feminized seeds we’ll tell you about, but the wait is well worth it when you consider its impressive yields. In fact, it’s considered to be one of the highest-yielding strains. You can get up to 80 grams from a plant that’s only a meter tall. 

They won’t be lacking in flavor or potency, either. Amnesia Haze is ready for harvest in Late October and produces buds that offer an extremely high, long-lasting, body-relaxing high. With up to 22% THC and medium CBD, this plant flowers for up to eleven weeks and contains   a70-30 sativa and indica split. 

Northern light

Northern Lights is one of those feminized strains that has really stood the test of time. Historically one of the best-selling and most popular varieties of marijuana, Northern Lights is believed to have come from the west coast of the United STates – form a whopping eleven different types of cannabis seeds. 

This plant only grows to about 1.2 meters tall indoors, but outside, it can grow to more than two meters tall. It has long, thin leaves – a testament to its sativa heritage – and flowers in just eight weeks. It offers a couchlock high and is a gorgeous feminized strain for you to consider no matter what your experience level might be. 

Sour Diesel Feminized

Sour Diesel is a world-famous strain that is often regarded as one of the strongest you will find. Direct from California, this strain is a favorite among growers and smokers alike. It grows best in a warm climate, which is why many growers choose to cultivate it indoors. 

A pungent, aromatic strain, Sour Diesel has herbal, sour, and chemical flavors that emanate from its iridescent buds. It can produce up to600 grams per square meter, offering both quality and quantity in its yields.

super silver haze feminized seed

A 10% indica, 90% sativa hybrid, Super Silver Haze offers a strong boost of energy and has a pleasant, strong aroma and aftereffect. It flowers in nine weeks and yields flavors that are herbal, lemony, and even a little bit skunky. You’ll enjoy a calming, relaxing effect when you smoke this feminized strain, which is often used for depression and stress.

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla is one of the most potent strains of marijuana you will find. Created in the United States, this strain has an average THC level of 25% – and in some cases, as much as 30%, depending on the specific phenotype! 

With a 50-50 sativa-indica blend, this plant can have varying effects on its users. It may leave you locked to the couch, or it could give you an uplifting, cerebral high. It’s a roll of the dice!

However, what’s not uncertain is how fantastic your yields will be with these feminized cannabis seeds. You’ll get up to 600 grams per plant and can enjoy your harvest after just eight to nine weeks of flowering. It’s usually ready in the middle of October.

With minimal CBD, this plant is one of the best for indoor and outdoor growers alike.

Fat Banana

Fat Banana is a hybrid of parents trains OG Kush and Banana. As you might expect by the name alone, this strain offers serious potency and exceptional flavor. An indica-dominant strain, it contains 30% sativa and 70% indica genetics. It has dense, resinous birds that produce large THC quantities of up to 25%. It contains minimal quantities of CBD yet offers a relaxing, flavorful high.

You won’t be disappointed by the aroma or taste of this strain, either. Its buds produce a tropical-flavored body high that helps to relieve anxiety and stress. It is perfect for edibles with its fruity taste and offers users a fantastic, euphoric high. 

It’s one of the fastest-maturing strains on our list of the best feminized seeds, too. It puts on dense, resinous buds after just eight weeks of flowering, with indoor yields of up to 400 grams per square meter. 

You don’t have to compromise space for yield, either. The plant rarely exceeds 140 centimeters in height (200 centimeters when grown outdoors, but you’ll get higher yields at up to 500 grams per plant in that case). You can usually harvest outdoor plants in late September, which is much earlier than comparable strains. 

Purple Queen

Purple Queen is one of the most beautiful feminized seed strains you can grow. It will stand out among its peers in grow rooms and has some pretty impressive yields. This plant has eye-catching, bright-green colas that expand into shades of dark purple – hence the name. 

Those colors don’t extend all the way to the fan leaves, though – though equally gorgeous, those parts of the plant are a lovely bright pink. Where do the colors come from, you might ask? The science is simple. Purple Haze has flavonoids, also known as anthocyanins, that create a beautiful spectrum of pigments from black to red. 

An indica-dominant strain, this feminized plant is the resulting hybrid of purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. It’s the ideal strain for an evening smoke, as it has sedating effects that will give you a relaxed, euphoric high.

Unfortunately, Purple Queen takes some time to flower, often taking up to 11 weeks to finish doing so. However, you’ll find that it’s well worth the wait. This plant produces yields of up to 500 grams per square meter and towers to heights of 120 centimeters. That’s when grown indoors – choose to grow Purple Queen outside, and you’ll enjoy yields of up to 700 grams per plant and heights of 210 centimeters of more. 

Ready to harvest in October, Purple Queen contains about 22% THC and low quantities of CBD. It has a sativa-indica ratio of 25-75.

Green Gelato

Green Gelato is the perfect desert strain when it comes to the best feminized seeds for indoor and outdoor growers alike. If you’ve ever had gelato, a rich Italian ice cream that is known for its dense, robust taste, you will know what to expect from the Green Gelato strain, too.

This strain has a complex profile of terpenes that gives this planet flavors of citrus, earthiness, and sugar. It is incredibly sweet and productive. It is, in fact, one of the most potent feminized strains you will find. 

It has a THC content of 27%, which is definitely not something to ignore. Green Gelato has low amounts of CBD and produces up to 700 grams per square meter when grown indoors – doing so in just eight weeks while staying below 120 centimeters. Grow outside, and you’ll enjoy yields of 800 grams per plant at a height of 200 centimeters. 

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Where to Find Feminized Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Today, you can find feminized cannabis seeds just about anywhere you turn. Female plants are often easy to grow, and they take much less time to care for, too. Luckily, they’re also easy to find. 

When you are looking for feminized cannabis seeds for sale, you’re apt to find them everywhere you turn. Most autoflowering seeds are feminized, providing 100% flowering along with excellent yields. 

Consider some of these best feminized seeds to maximize your growth in 2020!

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