Best Backpack Sprayer in 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Backpack Sprayers

There’s no doubt about it -gardening is one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies you can have. But if you’ve spent a lot of time cultivating your little slice of backyard heaven, you don’t want to spend hours of frustration trying to get rid of weeds or fertilize your plants by hand. That said, considering the best backpack sprayer to buy might be the solution.

If you’re looking for an easier way to take care of your plants, you need to consider buying the best backpack sprayer for your needs. A backpack pump sprayer will allow you to get rid of your weeds or fertilize your plants with ease. 

But if you find yourself poring over the many backpack sprayer reviews on the Internet, you might find yourself confused by all the terminology. What’s the difference between a commercial backpack sprayer and a standard backpack weed sprayer? Do I need a battery backpack sprayer, or will a typical manual backpack garden sprayer suffice? 

Don’t worry – we’ve broken it all down for you in our review of the best backpack chemical sprayers you will find. 

Hudson Multi-Purpose Professional Bak-Pak Sprayer, 47” My 4 Sons 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer Roundup 190314 Garden Sprayer
Best Overall Best Battery-Powered Best Value
Image: Image:

1. Comes with a brass wand and an adjustable brass pattern nozzle

2. Steel pump handle resists damage and chemical wear

3. Easy to store, take apart, and clean

1. Battery-powered functioning makes it quick and easy to use

2. Comes with both plastic and stainless steel wands

3. Translucent tank allows you to easily determine how much liquid is left

1. Comes with a carry handle and integrated wand storage

2. 21 inch poly wand has high-quality VIton seals

3. Three adjustable nozzles as well as TeeJet nozzle compatibility
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5 Best Backpack Sprayers Reviews

The Hudson Bak-Pak Sprayer is a popular choice for people who have serious pest infestations to deal with in their gardens, but this sprayer can also be used to take care of fertilization tasks, too. This company is a well-known manufacturer in the lawn and garden industry, and this high-performance sprayer is no exception to that reputation.

This pump provides 70 psi of pressure and is easy to pump and use. It is constructed with a professionally sealed diaphragm pump that works smoothly and efficiently, as well as Viton seals that resist chemicals and leaks. The lever connecting the handle to the diaphragm pump is made out of stainless steel, and the wand is made out of brass – a unique feature, as many wands on these units are made out of plastic. This helps reduce wear and chemical damage.

The four-gallon tank is entirely see-through, allowing you to see how much liquid you have left THe spray hose, which is nearly four feet long, has a locking shut-off valve so that you can stop the spray quickly without getting it all over you. The sprayer even comes with padded adjustable straps, allowing for a more comfortable fit.

What We Liked:

  • Comes with a brass wand and an adjustable brass pattern nozzle
  • Steel pump handle resists damage and chemical wear
  • Easy to store, take apart, and clean 

What We Didn’t Like: 

  • Cannot be used with disinfectants or bleach

The Smith Performance Sprayer is ideal for large gardens, equipped with a four-gallon tank and the ability to produce 150 psi of pressure. It will allow you to cover your entire garden quickly and effectively as it comes with a powerful internal piston pump and a 50 inch chemical-resistant poly hose. 

This sprayer has a built-in agitator, allowing you to mix up any liquid or powder so that it can be sprayed immediately. It comes with Viton seals and gaskets in both the wand and the pump, eliminating the likelihood of leaks even when working at high pressure. 

This sprayer comes with several different nozzles, giving you plenty of spray options as you work in your garden. You can choose between wide and flat fan sprays, high-foaming nozzles, adjustable brass nozzles, and TeeJet nozzles. The handle on the wand has a locking system to shut off the spray as well as an integrated carry handle that is also foldable. This is one of the easiest sprayers to store, as well as one of the most convenient to use as it comes with both left and right-handed functionality.

What We Liked:

  • Comes with a high-quality harness and supportive straps 
  • Pump action is powerful and leakproof
  • One-way valve prevents spills if the sprayer is tipped upside down

What We Didn’t Like: 

  • Short-stroke pump requires manual operation – no motorized option

This sprayer can be used to fertilize your lawn or control pests in your garden. It has a large four-gallon capacity, along with a precise pump that can provide you with 150 psi of spray. It even has a pressure regulator so that you can spray continuously, making it a great choice for larger properties.

The Field King Professional Sprayer comes with an internal pressure chamber that can spray up to 20 feet in the air, allowing you to reach taller fruit trees and plants. It also has a built-in agitator, meaning you can apply not just liquid solutions, but also those that are made out of powders or water-soluble solutions. The internal paddles inside the unit help mix the liquid and break it down more easily for you to spray it. 

The sprayer is constructed with internal components that are solid brass, along with a durable plastic holding vessel. It has a 21-inch wand fitted with high-quality Viton seals, which will allow it to resist chemical damage. You will have four different spraying nozzles to choose from, depending on your needs: two flat fan nozzles, brass adjustable nozzle, and a foaming nozzle. Replacement or substitute nozzles are also available. 

What We Liked:

  • Comes with adjustable shoulder straps with extra padding
  • No-leak pump prevents chemicals from getting on your clothing or skin
  • Wand has a comfort grip that is more ergonomically friendly 

What We Didn’t Like: 

  • Heavier sprayer, weighing in at over 13 pounds

This sprayer is one of the most comfortable backpack sprayers you can buy, coming with deluxe padded straps not only for your shoulders, but also for your waist and lumbar support. You can work for hours on end without any pain or discomfort at all. 

The Roundup 190314 Garden Sprayer comes with a four-gallon capacity tank, along with a heavy-duty wand that has a quick complete shut-off valve. It comes with a comfort-grip lock as well as an in-line filter, and it also has gaskets and Viton seals to provide for lasting chemical resistance. 

This sprayer has three additional nozzles for added versatility. You can choose between a high volume fan, a low volume fan, or a poly adjustable nozzle. 

What We Liked:

  • Comes with a carry handle and integrated wand storage 
  • 21 inch poly wand has high-quality VIton seals
  • Three adjustable nozzles as well as TeeJet nozzle compatibility 

What We Didn’t Like: 

  • Somewhat heavy, weighing in at ten pounds

This is one of the best battery-powered backpack sprayers you will find. It is a four-gallon sprayer, and is translucent so you can easily determine how much liquid is left inside. It is regarded by many as one of the best backpack sprayers you can buy – and for good reason. It has a professional finish and offers intricate user control. 

This backpack sprayer comes with a durable stainless steel wand that is entirely adjustable, allowing you to change it between 20 and 40 inches. You don’t have to worry about running out of power, as this backpack has lights to tell you how much battery power is left. Changing batteries is easy – it comes with a smooth battery door and uses 8 AH lead acid batteries. These provide three times the battery of lithium-ion batteries, and can pump more than 200 gallons before needing to be recharged.

To make things even easier, this backpack sprayer comes with an AC charger so that you can juice up your batteries in just 8 hours. Finally, the stainless steel wand works well, but if you want to change things up and use a plastic wand, this unit comes with an extra unit that can easily be swapped out when you need to use it.

What We Liked:

  • Battery-powered functioning makes it quick and easy to use
  • Comes with both plastic and stainless steel wands
  • Translucent tank allows you to easily determine how much liquid is left

What We Didn’t Like: 

  • Does not come with as many nozzle attachments as other units

What to Consider When Buying a Backpack Sprayer

Investing in the best backpack sprayer is a smart move. Not only does this versatile tool help you make quick work of fertilizing, killing weeds, and controlling pests in your garden, but it can be used for other household tasks, too – such as cleaning your car, washing the exterior of your home, or applying a coat of stain to your wooden deck. 

However, it can be confusing to try and figure out the differences between the many types and features that a backpack weed sprayer might have. We will break them down for you here.

Spray Wand

The spray wand is the elongated shaft that will allow you to pull liquid from the holding tank and spray it whenever you need it to be applied. It will help you apply fertilizer or herbicide in tough to reach places. Therefore, the best backpack sprayer will have either an ultra-long wand (at least 20 inches in length) or one that is adjustable, allowing you to adapt it to whatever setting you might be working in. 

You should also consider the materials out of which your spray wand is made of. While many spray wands are constructed of plastic, some manufacturers now use brass, which provides a bit more durability.


Pressure is an important factor to consider when you are shopping for a backpack sprayer. Most backpack sprayers can reach anywhere from 15 to 95 psi of pressure, but there are some that can give you an impressive 150 psi. 

However you don’t always need this – what’s more important than the amount of pressure produced by the unit is the consistency of the pressure. You want a product that provides consistent pressure while you are holding the trigger. Although all units will have less pressure as the amount of liquid decreases, the best backpack sprayers will remain relatively even throughout the process.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Backpack sprayers are designed to be portable, and most are equipped with harnesses or straps that can fit over your shoulders. In some cases, your backpack sprayer will have straps for your chest and waist, too, to help distribute the weight of the unit. The best backpack sprayers will have padded straps and ergonomic handles, too. 

Another factor to consider is how easy your backpack weed sprayer is to use. Does it come with an easy shut-off function? Is it leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about getting chemicals on yourself? How adjustable are the straps and wand? These are all important considerations to make when you are purchasing a backpack sprayer that you ideally want to last for many years.

Tank Size

Most backpack sprayers are lightweight, made out of compact tanks that are built with polyethylene plastic. This material is not only resistant to chemicals and protected against UV rays, but it also tend to be quite lightweight. 

That being said, tank size matters when it comes to the weight and spray capacity of your backpack sprayer. The best backpack sprayers will have a capacity that is anywhere between two to four gallons – although you can sometimes find commercial backpack sprayers that have a larger capacity, too.


The type of nozzle you get on your backpack chemical sprayer is also important. This is arguably the most critical part of the unit, as it controls the pattern and flow of your spray. Most of the best backpack sprayers will come with several different nozzle types, allowing you to switch easily between options like cone, direct stream, narrow stream, wide stream, fan, and more. Some have adjustable nozzles while others include multiple units that you can swap out.

Consider not just the type of nozzle that your backpack weed sprayer has, but also the material it is made out of. While plastic nozzles help reduce the overall cost of your backpack sprayer, they also wear down over time. Bronze or brass nozzles tend to be the better choice, albeit more expensive.


A good quality backpack garden sprayer will be made out of high-quality materials. Read any of the top 4 gallon backpack sprayer reviews, and you’ll likely find that the best backpack sprayers are those made out of high-density polyethylene with additional UV protection. You want a sprayer that won’t leak all over you or require tons of expensive, hard-to-manage repairs. Instead, look for industrial strength seals, hoses, and materials that will be easy to replace if needed.

Types of Backpack Sprayers

You have multiple options when you are shopping for the best backpack sprayer. Think carefully about the method in which you would prefer to operate your sprayer, as this will heavily influence your purchasing decision.

Piston Backpack Sprayers vs. Diaphragm Sprayers

A piston backpack sprayer is one that operates in an up-and-down motion. Also known as a backpack pump sprayer, this will require you to pump the lever, which creates pressure to force liquid down into the wand. These tend to be less expensive, but they cannot be used for certain chemicals, as they can wear away at the piston.

Diaphragm sprayers, on the other hand, work similarly to a piston backpack sprayer. However, they do not have an internal cylinder. The pumping motion of the handle moves a diaphragm to create pressure. These are more resistant to chemicals, and while they apply quicker pressure, they tend to be harder to maintain. They’re also more expensive.

Manual Sprayers vs. Motorized Sprayers

You will also have a choice between a manual sprayer, which operates via your hand’s motions, or motorized sprayers, which can be powered by electricity or batteries.

Manual backpack sprayers ten to be the most common – and most affordable – types of backpack sprayers. However, they can also cause more fatigue, as you’ll need to continuously pump the unit to spray the liquid on your plants. A manual sprayer is typically all you need for a small lawn or garden.

If you are working with large sections of land, however, you might want to consider an electric backpack sprayer or a battery backpack sprayer. These will help get the job done more quickly, taking some of the pressure off your hands. Keep in mind, though, they tend to be not only more expensive, but also heavier and needy in terms of maintenance.


How far do most backpack weed sprayers reach?

While the exact distance that a backpack weed sprayer can cover will vary between models, you can follow this general rule of thumb when figuring out the distance – the wider the area covered, the less length covered. Therefore, a nozzle that sprays in a wide range, such as one with a cone function, will not cover as much length. Most, however, spray up to 25 feet out.

Can you use other chemicals and products in your backpack chemical sprayer?

In most cases, yes! Check your manufacturers’ specific instructions and labels, as some are designed to be used with certain chemicals. In most cases, however, you can use a variety of chemicals and products like water sealants, weedkillers like glyphosate, and insecticide.

Will a backpack garden sprayer require constant pumping?

That depends on the type of backpack weed sprayer you select If you choose a battery backpack sprayer, you will not need to pump constantly  – which will save some exhaustion to your hands!

Is a diaphragm pump better than a piston pump?

Not necessarily. When you are using a backpack sprayer, the tank that is holding the solution will not be under pressure – you need a pump to do this. That pump may use either a piston or a diaphragm. The piston pump will push air and produce friction. If there are any particles in the solution – like you would find if you are using powdery materials – the piston will wear down more quickly.

If, however, you are using a diaphragm pump, which doesn’t have any moving parts, you don’t have to worry about friction. Because there is no friction, there is less wear and tear. Therefore, if you are using something with any particulate matter, spend a little extra money and buy a diaphragm pump. If you are using liquids (which is what the vast majority of gardeners use in their backpack sprayers anyway), you can get away with a more common (and less expensive) piston pump backpack sprayer.

Can you spray between plants with a backpack pump sprayer?

Yes! One of the nicest features of a backpack chemical sprayer is that it allows you to spray between flower beds and rows of crops for targeted weed management. This is a feature that many gardeners appreciate, especially after having spent so much time watering by hand, repotting in new potting soil, and otherwise fussing over their vulnerable plants. You don’t want to accidentally kill your hard-earned crops!

Many backpack sprayers come with spray drift guards to help avoid potentially spreading chemicals on your cultivated plants. Most also have flat spray nozzles, which help you reach weeds and pests in awkward locations.


If you are looking for the best backpack sprayer to help you fertilize, weed, and manage your garden, you must consider one of these top five best backpack sprayers. Not only will you be able to tend to your garden easily, but you’ll also be able to do so quickly and without a ton of stress to your back and shoulders. 

There isn’t a single best backpack weed sprayer for everyone. However, the best backpack sprayer will be the one that best meets your garden’s specific needs, allowing you to make quick work of your weeding, fertilizing, and other backyard chores. 

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