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WeekendGardener.net has been providing high-quality cannabis gardening techniques, on-point cannabis product information, and genuine in-depth cannabis reviews since established.

With over 15 years of total experience in growing various types of high-quality cannabis buds, Andrew Sullivan, a Master Grower, has been producing top-shelf products in the region and extended his supplies to many cities in the United States after legalization. 

Together with 3 other cannabis specialists and cannabis Master Growers, they aim to provide you with high-quality, transparent, and up-to-date reviews on various cannabis gardening products, tips, and techniques that you can use at your disposal.

Our Promise to You

Since the creation of WeekendGardener.net, it has always been our goal to give genuine, accurate, and efficient methods on how to deal with your cannabis gardening endeavors. In line with that is our promise to always keep the website clean and user-friendly for a fun and easy reading experience.

Moreover, you’ll notice in our contents that we give you the good stuff right away. It’s because we value your time and we want to give you the best experience right at the gates. After all, it’s our goal to become every aspiring cannabis grower’s go-to gardening resource.

How Do We Make Money?

Thanks to affiliate links and advertisements, we’re able to keep on producing more quality techniques, effective growing tips, and reviews on the effectivity of popular gardening methods.

Purchasing from these links credit us a small commission at no additional cost to you. These are paid to us as a gratitude to thank us for featuring various products for growing cannabis.

If you want to learn more about this, we have a more detailed version on our earnings disclaimer page. You can also find this conveniently located at the bottom of the website’s pages.

Meet the Team

Here at WeekendGardener, you’re given nothing but the best and the most efficient cannabis gardening techniques and methods because we’re passionate about it.

So it’s a 100% guarantee that everything you’ll learn and read here is accurate and unbiased. Now let’s meet the team that made all of these possible:

Andrew C. Sullivan

Andrew C. Sullivan

Founder/Cannabis Master Grower

Andrew has always been passionate about growing plants, specifically, cannabis. Because of his passion, he’s even invited to compete in some of the largest cannabis growing events– the High Times Cannabis Cup, Cannabis Conference, to name a few.

His passion for growing cannabis has inspired 3 other people who are now working alongside him making high-quality cannabis gardening techniques and tips for FREE. Through the years, Andrew has made a sound name in California as a reputable cannabis grower and is now supplying cannabis products all over the United States.

Eric Patterson

Eric Patterson

Community Manager/Cannabis Enthusiast

Eric was born in Wood Dale, Illinois. He’s also super passionate about gardening (not just cannabis!). He spent all his adult life as a Master Gardener and has extended his passion by reaching out to people in need of advice on how to effectively grow cannabis.

If he’s not in his office, you can catch him spending some quality time with some of the most influential people in cannabis.

Brenda L. Ross

Brenda L. Ross

Editor in Chief/Horticulturist

Brenda’s extensive understanding of plants, as well as her passion for cannabis, is what brought her here. Equipped with the knowledge on what makes growing cannabis different from growing any other plants, she aims to put her time and passion in to contribute and share with you the best practices and products to use when growing cannabis.

She was also a freelance cannabis writer for almost 10 years now and dedicated her passion here at WeekendGardener.net. If she’s not working at the office, you can catch her tending to her plants.

Shawn L. Obrien

Shawn L. Obrien

Horticulturist/Cannabis Master Grower

Before Shawn became a Cannabis Master Grower working full-time as a contributor to WeekendGardener.net, Shawn was once a part of Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus, OH.

With over 10 years in total of experience as a horticulturist and a cannabis master grower, he aims to ensure his readers are guided and provided with the best cannabis growing solutions, whatever the case may be.

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