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WeekendGardener.net has been providing high-quality gardening techniques and on-point garden product information and review since established. With over 40 years of total experience in gardening, Alan Wood– who is also a pioneering member of the 1972 Master Gardener Program in Seattle, Washington, has made it to some of the largest annual events in the history of gardening.

Together with his son, Alex Wood, and 3 other Master Gardener Program Volunteers, they aim to provide you with high-quality, transparent, and up-to-date reviews on various gardening products and some of the best gardening techniques.

Our Promise to You

Since the creation of WeekendGardener.net, it has always been our goal to give genuine, accurate, and efficient methods on how to deal with your gardening endeavors. Furthermore, we also aim to give our readers to most user-friendly website UI to make reading easy and fun.

In a nutshell, whatever it is you need about gardening, you’ll find it straight away. After all, it is also our goal to become every plantsman and Master Gardener’s go-to gardening resource.

How Do We Make Money?

Advertisements and Affiliate links provide us with the finances needed to keep on producing more quality, unbiased product reviews, recommendations, and efficient tips and gardening methodology.

If you purchase from these links, we make a small commission at no additional cost to you. It’s simply a way for the owners of the products we feature to say thanks.

If you want to learn more about this, we have a more detailed version on our earnings disclaimer page. You can also find this conveniently located at the bottom of the website’s pages.

Meet the Team

Here at WeekendGardener, not only that we’re dedicated to giving you the best product reviews and the most efficient methodology for gardening, but we’re also passionate about whatever it is we’re doing.

Because of that, we can guarantee that everything you read and see here is accurate, unbiased, and as per the Master Gardener Program’s ethics. Now, meet the team that made WeekendGardener possible:

Alan Wood

Alan Wood


Alan has always been passionate about plants and gardens. His passion even led him to build a name for himself over the years. He’s even invited to some of the largest annual garden events in Missouri because of his extensive knowledge and passion in the field.

With the help of his son, Alex, and 3 other awesome people who aren’t just passionate but are titled professionals in different fields, he wishes to always give you the best and the latest updates with regards to gardening and products and techniques– for FREE.

Alex Wood

Alex Wood

Managing Director

Like his father, Alex has green thumbs, which also helped him make a name of his own. Through the years of doing what he loves the most, Alex has been recognized in Missouri as one of the few owners who cultivated the greenest and healthiest collections of rare and endangered orchids.

Kristy Seay

Kirsty Seay

Community Manager/Master Gardener Volunteer

Kirsty has been recognized as one of the most influential persons in gardening in VA. Her community managing skills in this field is so effective that she even worked with some of the most notable Botanical Gardens in Richmond, VA.

If she’s not doing office stuff, she’s out in the field with some of the Master Gardener Volunteers in VA. Or you can catch her spending some quality with her plants at home.

Edna Riley

Edna Riley

Botanist/Master Gardener Volunteer

Edna’s extensive understanding of plants, as well as her passion for writing, is what brought her here. Knowing how recognized WeekendGardener.net is, she aims to put her time and passion in to contribute and share with you the best practices and products for your plants and gardening needs.

Adam Winningham

Adam Winningham

Horticulturist/Master Gardener Volunteer

Before Adam decided to make the jump and work as WeekendGardener.net’s contributing writer, Adam was once a part of Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus, OH. With over 10 years of experience in this industry, he aims to ensure his readers are guided and provided with the best gardening solutions, whatever the case may be.

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