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Video Tips


This section contains videos from our Youtube account as well as a few of the original Weekend Gardener television shows that aired on NBC affiliates KSBY and KSBW. The Weekend Gardener televison show videos are about two minutes in length, whereas our Youtube videos vary in length.

Original Weekend Gardener Videos:

Each of these 14 videos are 2 minutes in length, and can be viewed either on dial up or a high speed connection.
  1. Plants That Won't Bother Your Allergies

  2. How To Get Rid Of Aphids

  3. How To Make Container Covers

  4. House Plants That Clean The Air

  5. How To Plant And Grow A Lettuce Bowl

  6. House Plants That Thrive in Low Light

  7. How To Prevent Peach Leaf Curl

  8. How To Care For Your Poinsettias

  9. How To Plant Potatoes In A Container

  10. How To Propagate Your House Plants

  11. How To Buy Good Bare Root Roses

  12. History Of Shamrocks

  13. How To Stake A Tree Part I

  14. How To Stake A Tree Part II


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