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Plant Propagation Videos


Grafting Tomatoes

Transplanting Seedlings

How To Make Your Own Basic Seedtape

Planting Seed Tape

Saving Pepper Seeds

Saving Tomato Seeds

Learn How To Divide And Replant Your Amaryllis

Learn How to Start Your Own Avocado

Learn How to do Your Own Seed Germination Test

Propagating Cactus by Seed

How to Propagate a Scented Geranium

Winter Gardening Tip: How to Sow Your Lawn in the Winter

Learn How to Propagate Aloe Vera through Leaf Cuttings

Propagating a Clematis through Simple Layering

How to Propagate a Passion Flower Vine through Tip Layering

How to Propagate a Mother In Laws Tongue or Snake Plant through Leaf Cuttings


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