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Past Articles Library | Vegetable Gardening Tips | 8 Top Tomato Tips

Grow outstanding tomatoes every year


If you want to consistently grow juicy, full-flavored tomatoes every year, try these growing tips used by top tomato growers:

  1. Plant Them Deep. When planting, make sure to bury the stem horizontally in a shallow trench so that only the top leaves are showing. Remember to first strip off the leaves along the stem before you bury it. By doing this, your plant will establish a much larger root ball and give you a higher yield.

  2. Choose Indeterminate Varieties. Indeterminate tomatoes tend to produce more fruit, but they can take up more space, so make sure they have enough room to grow.

  3. Keep Young Plants Warm. Make sure your nights are warm enough so your plants will set fruit. If young tomato plants are exposed to nighttime temperatures below 55° F (13° C), they won't set fruit. If needed, protect them with heavyweight row covers or cloches to help keep them warm until your nights are naturally warm enough.

  4. Water Evenly and Consistently. Keep the soil evenly moist to help avoid Blossom End Rot, fruit splitting, and other tomato problems brought on my uneven watering.

  5. Use Seaweed. A weekly spraying of liquid kelp or seaweed increases the health and yield of tomatoes.

  6. Side-dress. At flowering time, side-dress the plants with an inch or two (2.5 to 5 cm) of compost.

  7. Harvest Regularly. Once tomatoes start to ripen, check the vines every day and harvest as needed. This will ensure that your plants will send their energy stores to developing fruit and not to already ripened fruit.

  8. Avoid Frost. At the first sign of heavy frost, harvest all tomato fruit, even if they are green. Green tomatoes will always ripen, and if you don't know how to do this properly, read: How To Ripen Green Tomatoes

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