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Gardening Tip:

Ripen Persimmons Fast!

If you have the persimmon variety Hachiya, which are identifiable by their acorn-like shape, you know they can take forever to ripen and become edible.

Speed up the process by putting them in the freezer for 24 hours and then allow to thaw in the refrigerator.

The freezing helps remove the bitter tannins, and you will have sweet persimmons that have ripened at the same time.

You can now cook with them or eat with a spoon!

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Contest & PrizesFinish The Sentence Contest

Congratulations to our winners for Fall Quarter 2009!
They each have won a personalized Green Pea Stress Ball

Harry Alvin  -  Elaine Manges

Fall quarter's sentence was: "One of the best days I ever had in the garden was the day....."

Harry's Ending: "The day I spent with my grandmother, sisters, and my great uncle in his fruit orchard trying to figure out how to use his fruit picking ladder and laughing till it hurt."

Elaine's Ending: "I finally got to help my dad plant the sweet corn in our large garden. I was a young child when my dad gave me the job of counting the corn seed and covering each hole. The soil was freshly tilled and I didn't want to make extra footprints, so I took giant steps placing my feet in the same footprints my dad had made as we worked up and down the many rows."

This contest is now closed.

We've run this contest for two years, so we're giving it a rest for a bit. Thank you for all your wonderful sentence entries!


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Fertilize Container Plants

Because container gardens are usually grown to show off a lot color, the plants in them require more frequent fertilizing.

It's good to feed them every two weeks with a water-soluble complete fertilizer like a 20-20-20 or a hyrdolized fish fertilizer.

Regular feeding will help them fill in faster, and produce more flowers.

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