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During the year most people drink some kind of soda. When you're done with the soda, don't throw those bottles away! Save a couple and make a miniature greenhouse.

This is a handy trick, especially if you like to take cuttings or start seeds, or try to grow different kinds of plants.

Fall and winter are a good times to start cuttings and seeds, because by spring, you will have plants that are nicely rooted and ready to transplant.

  Here's what you do.

1. Cut the bottoms off two bottles

2. Fill one with a moist mix of sand and potting soil, remove the colored-plastic bottom-rest from the other

3.Put in 6-10 cuttings depedending on how large they are, or plant your seeds

4. Fit the two bottoms together

Depending upon what you are growing it can take about six to ten weeks for your cuttings to root. It may take less time to germinate seed, again it depends upon what you are growing. When they are ready,

you can then transplant them to a pot filled with soil and let them grow on for another month or two. By then you will have a plant ready to go out in your garden.


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Lady Beetles

Commonly known as Lady Bugs, eat aphids, mealybugs and many different types of insect eggs.

If you want to use them as beneficials in your garden, release them at night, or keep them in their wire topped containers for a day or so before release.

Either technique will help keep them in the area, and working on your specific insect problems, instead of just flying away.

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