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One of Our
Favorite Trees:



Jacaranda mimosifolia trees have a wide, open habit with an oval head.

Can be multi-trunked or even grown as large shrubs. Fine, ferny leaves with brillant purple flowers from spring to summer.

Grow to 20-40 feet (6.10-12.19 m) tall, and 15-30 feet (4.57-9.14 m) wide.

Hardy to USDA Zones 8 - 10


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Keep Some Birds Away

When you have worked very hard to grow your grapes, fruits and vegetables, it's hard to not be bothered when birds come in and take the best of everything!

A few tricks that work well are: netting over grapes, mylar strips tied to branches of your fruit trees, even blow up owls work.

If you use a blow up owl, or scarecrow, keep in mind to move them every few days so they appear to "move." Othewise the birds get wise fast and they are no good.

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