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Past Articles Library | Plant Diseases & Control

Broad Spectrum Plant Disease Control:

Natural Seedling Fungicide

Fungicidal Soap - Organically kills fungi and bacteria

Neem Oil For Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Organic Controls For Specific Plant Diseases:

Root Rot Caused by Overwatering or Fungus

Control Fairy Ring Fungs in Lawns

Control Rose Mosaic Virus

Control Dogwood Blight

Rose Replant Disease

Botrytis Blight and Fruit Rot

Control Mushrooms In Lawn

Blossom End Rot

Sooty Mold

Damping-Off - If you like to germinate seeds, you probably have run into Damping-Off. Learn how to control it.

Powdery Mildew

Apple Scab

Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Fire Blight

Camellia Flower Blight

Black Spot



Peach Leaf Curl

Tomato Blight

Plant Diseases of Chrysanthemum

Plant Diseases of Pansies

Plant Diseases of Pear Trees

Plant Diseases of Roses

Plant Diseases of Roses 2

Common Plant Diseases of a Favorite Evergreen the Spruce

Stopping Plant Diseases Before They Overwhelm You


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Fungi Problems?

Mushrooms usually appear during the rainy months, but they can appear throughout the year.

If you have lots of mushrooms growing after regular watering, it could mean compacted soil is not allowing water to drain properly.

Allow the area to dry out, aerate it, and apply some gypsite to help make the soil more porous.

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