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Apply this fertilizer now to stop Dandelions and weeds next Spring. It's called WOW! (with out weeds) Supreme, and it helps you control crabgrass, dandelions, foxtail, creeping bentgrass, lamb's-quarters, and purslane, while feeding your lawn with a complete, balanced, natural fertilizer.

It's easy to apply and saves you time and effort. You can now weed and feed your lawn naturally with just one application.

A by-product of corn syrup production, it's a pre-emergence weed control that eliminates germinating weeds. It helps you achieve a beautiful lawn your neighbors will envy, and your kids and pets can play on the lawn right after application.

By applying WOW! Supreme in the fall and winter, you can reduce germination of annual and perennial weeds by as much as 90% over three years. At the same time you will provide your lawn with the complementary balance of nitrogen and other nutrients the grass needs for strong root growth, stress resistance and a beautiful green appearance.

As it stops weed growth, it also decomposes to release its nutrients to your grass as nature intended.

How it works

Soon after sprouting, young weeds send out secondary "feeder" roots, which are especially adept at drawing nutrients from the soil. But this fertilizer stops these feeder roots from developing. Without them, seedlings quickly die - usually before you notice any green top growth. Dandelions, crabgrass, creeping bentgrass, foxtail, lamb's-quarters, purslane, redroot pigweed and many others can't survive their first few days, and can't make your lawn an eyesore.

Water deeply after application. (Do not use on recently sown grass, since it will affect lawn seed germination, too. Wait until after the first mowing to apply.) WOW! Supreme is granulated for use in either drop or broadcast spreaders.

For more information, or to purchase: WOW! Supreme

For more organic lawn care products: Natural Lawn Care Products


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Use Corn Gluten To Control Weeds and Ants!

Corn Gluten Meal is a natural pre-emergent that safely inhibits the germination of grass and weed seeds.

It has also been used to effectively control ants. By putting the meal around ant hills, over time they will die off.

It comes in powder and granular formulations, and is available in most garden centers.

For more information read: Corn Gluten Meal

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