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Brix Mix (Liquid or Powder) is a fantastic product that increases the health, vigor and yield for vegetables, trees, vines, flowers, herbs, and ornamental crops.

High Brix (sugar content) helps plants deal with climate changes and other stresses, such as flowering or harvesting.

This product has been continuously improved over the last 15 years and it is specificaly formulated to increase Brix (or sugar content) during the growth cycle.

Raising Brix levels brings quick and rather dramatic benefits, and when correctly applied, have increased yeilds over 25% after only two foliar applications.

Insect and disease reduction has also been documented for aphids, leafminers, flea beetles, whiteflies, spider mites, caterpillers, powdery mildew, botrytis, brown rot, anthracnose, shot hole and other fungi.

Growers have reported best results when applied at least 3 or 4 times per crop. It is best applied when the soil is cool, during insect outbreaks or climatic stress, and at pre-bloom, flowering, or growth stages.


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When to Water

If you can, it is always best to water early in the morning. This allows the plant's leaves and flowers to dry off as the day warms up.

If you water at night, the plant stays wet for hours in the cool, which are prime conditions for fungi and other problems to set in.

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