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Congratulations to our winners for Fall Quarter 2010!
They each have won a personalized Sweet Orange Stress Ball

Brock Assers  and  Melinda Peters

Fall quarter's Opinion Question was: "In your opinion, which is more spectacular? Colorful Fall Foliage or Brilliant Spring Flowers?"

Brocks's Opinion: "I love fall colors best because they are the last big bang before winter. One last shot of color and then I can rest until next year. The blaze of color in the morning and afternoon sunshine is mesmerizing. Spring time is great, but I am so busy at that time of year I can't stop and reflect as much as I can in the fall."

Melinda's Opinion: "Even though fall is my favorite time of the year, I think I would miss the harbingers of spring way too much to forego them. I would have to choose spring flowers!"

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When to Harvest Squash

Winter squash is ready for harvest after the rind hardens and surface color dulls.

The vines will have dried and the skins are hard and can't be scratched with a fingernail.

Make sure you get them in before the first hard frost.

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