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Congratulations to our winners for Fall Quarter 2010!
They each have won a personalized Sweet Orange Stress Ball

Brock Assers  and  Melinda Peters

Fall quarter's Opinion Question was: "In your opinion, which is more spectacular? Colorful Fall Foliage or Brilliant Spring Flowers?"

Brocks's Opinion: "I love fall colors best because they are the last big bang before winter. One last shot of color and then I can rest until next year. The blaze of color in the morning and afternoon sunshine is mesmerizing. Spring time is great, but I am so busy at that time of year I can't stop and reflect as much as I can in the fall."

Melinda's Opinion: "Even though fall is my favorite time of the year, I think I would miss the harbingers of spring way too much to forego them. I would have to choose spring flowers!"

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Low Light House Plants

Many plants thrive on very little light, making them ideal for those parts of your house that are not well lit.

A couple good choices for areas without lots of light are:

Chinese Evergreen

For more information about this, watch our video on low light houseplants in the video tips section!

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