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Most people use a rotary mower to cut their lawn, and that's fine, but over time, if you don't have the blade sharpened regularly, the dull blade will start to rip and tear the grass instead of making a nice clean cut.

Check the blade on your mower, and also take a look at the tops of the grass blades after you have mowed. Do they have a nice clean cut?

If not, don't bother to take your entire mower into the shop simply to have the blade sharpened!

Instead keep an extra sharpened mower blade on hand.

Simply put the extra sharpened blade somewhere in your garage, or hang it on the wall, and when the blade on your mower gets dull, change it out with the sharp blade from the garage.

Then, all you have to do is take the dull blade to the mower shop or dealer to be sharpened, or you can sharpen it yourself.

Now you have a newly sharpened blade ready to go. It's fast and it's easy.

Important Note: If you decide to sharpen the blade yourself, the trick is to make sure that the blade is balanced properly, or it won't rotate evenly on the mower, and will cause problems. Read our story: How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade


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Check Light Availability

Most shrubs can grow in both sun and shade to varying degrees.

Many flowering shrubs, however, tend to need some sun to flower.

Be sure to double check the amount of light you have available to the shrubs you are planning to plant so you are happy with the outcome.

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