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Prunus mume 'Peggy Clarke'
Flowering Apricot 'Peggy Clarke'


USDA Zones 6 to 10

Hardy to -10°F (-23°C)

Climate Map

Full sun to partial shade

Likes well drained soil that is acid to neutral

Moderate to regular watering

15 to 20 feet (4.6-6.1 m) tall, and 12 to 18 feet (3.6-5.5 m) wide

Fragrant double pink


If you like color as early as possible, this tree is it. This is one of the earliest trees to bloom in the spring. It will often be seen flowering even in the middle winter. The double, deep rose, medium-sized flowers are cupped, and have a wonderful fragrance that will fill the garden.

It's perfect for almost any area because of its small size; plus the roots are non-invasive, and will not damage sidewalks or foundations, and it provides dappled shade which allows lawn or other plants to grow beneath.

The fruit can be attractive, but it is not very sweet for fresh eating. The fruit does work well, however, for preserves or candies. Use this great small tree to add a bit of excitement to your winter garden.


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