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Past Articles Library | Indoor Plants

6 Key Tips To Growing Perfect African Violets

Grow Lily of the Valley Indoors

Microgreens - Grow Your Own!

Grow Bananas Indoors

Any Season Gardening Indoor Garden - Part 1

How To Maintain An Any Season Garden - Part 2

Create an Orangery - Grow Citrus Indoors

Humidify Your Houseplants

Houseplants: The Victorian Era

Annuals that Do Double Duty as Houseplants

How To: Repot Root Bound Plants

Indoor Plant Care-Mother-In-Law's Tongue

An Old-World Favorite: The African Violet

Houseplant Profile-Rubber Tree

Preparing Indoor Plants for the Outdoor Season

Norfolk Pines: Indoor Christmas Trees

A Splash of Color for the Winter Blues-Floral Shop Primrose

Indoor Care of Miniature Roses

How to Grow 3 Indoor House Plants in the Pineapple family (Bromeliaceae)

How to Grow and Care for Orchids

Learn How to Grow 8 Favorite Blooming Indoor Plants

How to Grow and Care for a Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina)

Growing a Venus Flytrap

How to Grow a Pitcher Plant

Growing Problems with African Violets

Plant Diseases and Pests of Orchids

How to Care for and Grow a Bird's Nest Fern

How to Grow and Care for Peace Lilies

Plant Diseases of Poinsettias

How to Grow a Norfolk Island Pine

How to Grow and Care for Rabbit's Foot Fern

How to Grow and Care for a Gloxinia

Cleansing Household Air With Plants

Plant Diseases of the Philodendron

How to Grow and Care for 4 Plants that Everyone Needs in their Bedroom

Got Low Light? Learn How to Grow These 5 Low Light Loving Plants

5 Indoor Flowering Plants that Love Full Sun and How to Grow Them

3 Unique Houseplants that You May Never Have Heard of and How to Grow Them

Growing Unique Houseplants that You May Have Never Heard Of


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Plant Dwarf Varities

If you love fruit tress like apples, peaches, pears and plums, but don't have the room, plant a dwarf variety.

Most grow from 3 feet to 8 feet. They product tons of fruit and are easier to harvest because they are low to the ground.

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