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Many gardeners like wind chimes in their garden.  In fung shui, having a wind chime at the entrance to your house is considered to cleanse your chi and bring you good luck.  However, wind chimes can be expensive.  This is a wind chime you can build for less than ten dollars.

You need to buy on chrome plated faucet connecter that is 3/8 inches in diameter and thirty inches long.  You will also need a metric fender washer that is 12 X 37 mm and one that is 8 X 24 mm.  Finally, you will need fishing line and a hacksaw.

First, use the hacksaw to cut the bulb end off the faucet connector.

Next, cut the remaining metal tube into five pieces that are five inches a piece.

Now carefully drill a small hole in the end of each pipe piece.  It needs to be large enough to get fishing line through, but small enough not to weaken the pipe much.

String fishing line through the hole you just drilled in the pipe and out the top and make a knot.  Leave four inches of fishing line and cut the line.

Take the large fender washer and tie each pipe to it, leaving as much fishing line dangling as possible. Spread the pipes around the diameter of the washer.

Next, take the bulb of the faucet connector that you removed from the pipes in step one.  Tie two strings of fishing line to it and string it to the washer so that it hangs down in the middle of the pipes about one third of the length of the pipes.

Finally, take the small washer and hang it from the bulb.  It should extend about three inches below the pipes.  This is what catches the wind and makes the pipes ring.  Then you are ready to hang your wind chime.

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