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Back to How To....    |   How to Make a Potting Tray

Most of us would like to have a nice potting bench to work on when we are potting plants.  However, not everyone has room for a potting bench.  This potting tray contains the mess you make when potting or repotting a plant so you can do it where ever you have the room to work.

For the tray, you need the following:

1”X6” X12’ of cedar fence board

1 1/2 x 8 flat head wood screws

Cut the wood first.  You will need

Four 24: boards and two 15 3/4 inch boards.

Take the 15 3/4 long pieces and find the center of the board along the long side.  Draw a line there.  Go down 3/4 inch and Make a line four inches long, centered on the board center.  Go down 1 1/2 inch and make another line four inches long parallel to the first line.  Connect them at the ends forming a rectangle.

Cut out the rectangle, rounding the corners as you do so.

Take one of the 24” boards and screw it to the two 15 3/4 inches to make a three sided box.

Turn the box over and screw one of the remaining boards into the sides of the box.  The board should be inside the two side boards but even with the edge of the long boards.

Continue attaching the other two boards in the same manner.  This is what the finished potting tray looks like.

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