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Most gardeners have more pots than they have space for on their patio or deck.  This pot hanger securely holds pots that are not too big and lets you hang them on the wall.  You will need the following:

1”X3”X10” piece

1”X 3.5”X7 1/4” piece

Two woodscrews

Jig saw or scroll saw

Take the 1X3 1/2X7 !/4 piece and draw a line 3 1/8 inches from the bottom.  Using a protractor, draw a line from the corner of the bottom to the line you just drew at an 80 degree angle.  Also, mark a line 3 1/4 inches from the top of the wooden piece.

Mark a line 15/16 from the left edge of the piece all the way from the top to bottom of the piece.

Now draw an oblong shape that is 3 3/16 inch long and starts at the top of the 80 degree line and ends at the 3 1/4 inch mark.  It should look like this.

Cut along the 80 degree line, the oblong, and the mark you made 3 1/4 inches down the wooden piece.  You end up with this.

Now take the other piece of wood and make a mark down the center of the entire piece of wood.  Then make marks two inches from the top and two inches from the bottom that intersect that line. 

Drive wood screws through those marks into the edge of the wooden hook.  Then you end up with this hanger looking like this.  It will hold standard pots.  You can vary the dimensions of the backer and hook piece to fit the size pot you possess.

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