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Back to How To....    |   How to Make a Plant Caddy

Potted plants can be really heavy, especially if you have to move them in for the winter and out for the spring.  All that dirt, moisture, and plant material really adds up fast!  This plant caddy fits under your potted plant and forms a stable platform for it.  When it is time to move the plant, the caddy has four casters that roll, so no lifting is required.  This platform can hold plants up to 175 pounds.  If you get bigger casters, you can hold bigger plants.

For this caddy, you will need:

(4) 2 3/4” heavy duty swivel casters

(16) Screws to mount the casters on the caddy

8 X 3 1/2 galvanized wood screws

(1) 2” X 4” X 8’

(1) 5/4 X 6” X 8’ decking board

First, cut the 2 X 4 into (2) 15” pieces and (4) 12” pieces.  Then cut the decking board into (3) 17” pieces.

Create a box of 2X4s by screwing the 15” pieces to two of the 12” pieces.  Note the 12” pieces are inside the 15” pieces when screwed together.

Now lay the brace supports flat inside the box so they are parallel with the 15” pieces.  Screw them in.

Flip the box over so the supports are on top.  Screw the decking boards on the box on top of the supports. 

Flip the platform over.  Place one caster in each corner of the support, making sure it is far enough from the corner to swivel a full circle. Screw on the casters.

Flip the platform over.  You can paint it, stain it, or leave it natural.  It is ready to have a plant placed on top of it.

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