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This handy little stool has a small space to carry your gardening tools or seeds under the lid.  It is light and easy to carry and really saves the knees when gardening.  To build it, you will need a 1X12X8”.  Cut it into the following pieces:

Top 1X12X17”

Ends (2) 1X12X10”

Side blank 1X12X14”

Bottom blank 1X12X14”

First, take the top and draw a line down the center of the long side.  Measure six inches from each end and mark the line.  Now measure 3/4” from the center line in either direction and mark that.  Connect the marks to make a box 1 1/2” wide and 5” long. 

Cut out along this box to create a handle.

Take each end piece and draw a line down the center of the 12” side.  Go down 4 3/4” from the top and mark that on the center line.  Now go to the bottom of the wood and mark two inches in on each side of the board.  Connect the marks to form a triangle.

Cut out along the triangle to form the two legs on each end.

Now take the side blank.  Draw two 4 1/4” by 14” sides on the blank.

Rip the sides out of the blank.

Take the bottom blank and draw a 8 1/2 X 14 “ square.

Cut the blank to that size.  Now you are finished cutting the wood.

Attach the two sides to the end.

Attach the other end to this.

Now test the bottom for fit.  It should just fit in the box.  If not, trim it a bit to fit.  Insert it in the box and screw it in place.

Attach the top to the box with hinges.

The finished box.

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