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Lots of gardeners are making fairy gardens these days.  This rustic twig chair is just the thing for your fairy to sit in and enjoy the garden.  You will need the following twigs:

(4) 4 “ long  X 1/4” diameter dried twigs with a y joint 1 1/2 “ from the thickest end

(5) thin twigs approximately 6-8” long

Cut four pieces of twig that are 1 1/4” long

Glue these together to form a square.

Next, cut five twigs small enough to reach from one side of the square to the other, about 1 1/8” long.

Glue these to the inside of the square, forming a chair seat.  Set aside to dry.

Take two of the forked branches.  Glue them to the chair to provide legs.  One edge of the y joint should go along the seat as a support.

While that step dries, make the chair back and other two legs.  Take the other two y jointed twigs, and glue them so the two legs of the y joints cross each other.

Now glue a short piece of twig across the top as a stabilizer.

Now glue one piece of twig vertically as a stabilizer.

After this construction dries, glue the seat and two legs to the back.  Let dry.

After it dries, you have a rustic twig chair.

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