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Woodpeckers are fun birds to watch.  They like suet and will come to suet feeders, but this woodpecker feeder gives them a place all their own.  You will need two feet of 4X4” wood, preferably untreated cedar post.

Draw a line down the center of the long side.  Make two 45 degree lines to remove the corners and make a peaked roof to shed snow and rain.

Cut the corners off at the lines.

Now draw a 1 1/2” circle on the center line about three inches down.  One inch down from the circle, draw a pair of lines across the 4” side of the post that are 1/4 inch apart.  Go down 1/2 inch and draw another pair of lines 1/4 inch apart.    Of the next side, go down 2 inches from the last pair of lines and repeat the circle and lines there.

Using a 1 1/2 inch forsner bit, drill the circle down 3 1/2 inches deep.  Do not go all the way through the other side of the wood.  Repeat on the other circle on the adjacent side.

Now you can either route a mortise between the first two lines under the holes, and then another under the second pair of lines, or you can drill a series of holes along the lines.  The routed line looks better, but not everyone has a router.

You can use a chisel to clean up between the holes or leave them as is.  The woodpecker can use them to hold on while he eats the suet you stuff in the holes for him.

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