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Back to How To....    |   How to Build a Wood Stand for a Hanging Basket

Running out of places to hang your hanging baskets?  This wood stand provides a classy place to put a hanging basket where it is easily viewable and accessible.  To build this stand, you will need the following:

2 2X4X8

1 1X8X24”

1 finial

1 utility hook

Cut the 2X4 into 2 20” pieces and two 33” pieces.

Take the 1X8X24 piece and find the center.  Mark in two inches from each end along the center line.

Screw on 20” piece of 2X4  to the bottom using your marks to position it in the middle of the board.

Now attach the 33” sides to the bottom 2X4.

Take the remaining 20” piece.  Mark the center of the board.  Drill the appropriate hole for the utility hook you purchased.

Screw in the utility hook.

On the back side of that board, where the utility hook is, drill a hole and screw in the fianial into the hole.

Attach that board, finial up, to the top of the two 33 inch pieces.  Paint or stain as desired to fit your taste.

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