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If you grow herbs and spices and dry them, you probably put them in glass jars.  This spice rack has room for a number of glass herb and spice jars and will display them nicely.  I used plywood with an oak veneer and poplar to build this, but you could choose any wood to do so.  To build it, you will need the following:

1/4 X12 15/16 X 93/4 inch plywood, preferable with a veneer on it

Sides (2) 15X2 5/8 X 1/4”

Top 9 9/16 X 2 7/16 X 1/4”

Shelves (2) 9 9/16 X 2 1/8 X 1/4”

Bottom 9 9/16 X 2 5/16 X 1/4”

Take the sides and draw a semicircle on one bottom of the board.  Make sure it is not more than 1 13/16 “ in radius.

Cut out the semicircle.

Take one side and glue it to the back.  Make sure the top of the side is flush with the top of the back.  Use finishing nails to hold the side on as well.  Be careful not to split the plywood.

In the same way, put the top on the back of the plywood with glue and nails.

Measure down five inches from the top and attach the first shelf.

Measure down another five inches and attach the next shelf to the back and side with glue and nails.

Finally, attach the bottom to the side and back with glue and nails.

Attach the other side with glue and nails.  Let the entire spice rack dry then sand it and finish with a spray on lacquer.

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