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Most people know that honey bees are in trouble.  Many gardeners are having problems with garden plants that go unpollinated because there is a shortage of bees to do the work.  One solution is to keep a hive of bees yourself.  This hive is a small starter hive for someone who doesn’t have many bees.  It is the hive box and will hold five frames of wax for the bees to fill with larvae and honey.

You will need half of a sheet of plywood for this project.  Get plywood rated for exterior use and get a 3/4 inch thick sheet.

Cut it into the following pieces:

Top 19 1/2 X 8 1/4 (2)

Top spacers 1X8 1/4 (3)

Side 11x19 (2)

End 11X7 5/8 (2)

Handle 1X3 (2)

Take each end and mark a line 3/8 inch on the top edge of the plywood.  Mark a line 3/4 inch from the top of one side of the end.  Make a rabbit by removing all by the 3/8 inch of plywood 3/4 inch down.

Take one end and draw a 2 inch line on the bottom of it.  Make another two inch line 3/8 inch above it.  Cut out that section to make an opening for the bees to come and go from.

Attach the handle piece to each end, making sure to do so on the side that does not have the rabbit on it.

Take the two pieces of the top and lay one down.  Place a spacer at each end and in the middle.  Then put the other top on top of it and screw the whole thing together like a sandwich.

Set the top aside and take an end and the bottom of the hive.  Attach the end to the bottom being sure to put the rabbit facing inside the box.

Attach the side to the bottom and end of the hive.

Attach the other end to the bottom and side.  Remember to face the rabbit inside.

Finally, attach the other side to the ends and bottom.

Finally, put the top on the hive.  It should fit tightly and there should be no gaps or openings in the hive except for the opening cut in one end for the bees to come and go.

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