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Potatoes are fun to grow because you can get such a large crop out of just a few plants.  However, storing them can be a problem.  They are supposed to be stored in the dark, but in a well ventilated place.  If you do not have a root cellar, this can be hard to come by.  Well, worry no longer.  Here is a pattern for a potato bin that looks good and can fit anywhere.  It will keep your potatoes and onions fresh longer than storing them on a shelf in the pantry, where there is no air circulating.

To make this bin, you need:


1”X10” X 8’

1/4 piece peg board 1/4”X24”X24”

You will also need 1 1/2” wood screws and two hinges.

First, cut the following pieces:

2 sides 21 3/8” X  8 7/8 “

Front 1”X 12” X 16”

Bottom 1” X 7.25” X 11.5”

Back peg board 1/4th” X 12 7/8” X 20”

Top 1” X 11 5/8” X 14 1/2

Take the front board and pick the worst looking side as the bottom of the box.  Measure in 1.5  inches on each side and then draw two pleasant looking curve in the wood, not deep enough to reach the edge of the board but deep enough to remove some wood.

Do the same thing to both side boards.

Cut out the curves, leaving the 1.5 inch edges intact on each board.

Now take the side boards. On the opposite edge, out 2 3/8 inch.  Then draw a line from that point at the edge to a point 17 inches up the side board.  This leaves you with a triangle shaped piece on the board.

Cut  along this line for both sides.

Now attach the sides to the front, with the front on the short edges of the sides.

Now slide the bottom between the sides twenty inches from the top of the tall edge of the sides.  Screw it in to the sides, but not the front.

Now we attach the back.  Take the peg board and nail it to the back of the box.  Line it up with the top edge of the sides. This leaves a small gap at the bottom for added ventilation for the potatoes and onions.

Take your top board.  Set your saw to an 18 degree angl\e.  Mark a line three inches from the edge on the 11 5/8 inch side.  Cut along that line to make two pieces.  

Put your two hinges on the bottom side of the two boards.

Put the lid on the top, hinges down.  Use two screws to secure the three inch top to the box.  There you have your completed potato bin.  Sand well and either paint it or cover it in polyurethane, depending on your preferences.

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