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Grow lights can really help when growing seedlings or other plants indoors.  However, you have to have something to attach them to that will let you raise or lower the light according to the needs of the plant.  This grow light holder will let you do that.  You will need the following materials to build it:

Inner end pieces (2) 3/4X11 1/2 X 12”

Feet (2) 1 1/2X1 1/2X 16”

Top support pieces (2) 3/4X2 1/2 X 30”

Outer end pieces (2) 3/4 X 5 1/2 X 12”

Top 3/4X31/2 X 30 1/4”

Grow light bulb and fixture

Carriage bolts (2) 1/4” X 3”

Washers (2) 1/4”

Wing nuts (2) 1/4”


Cut your wood to the sizes needed.

Take the inner end pieces.  Draw a line down the center.  Mark a line three inches from the bottom.  Draw a line three inches long centered on the board at the top.  Draw a line from the end of the line at the bottom of the board to the end of the line at the top of the board.  You should have a triangle with a flat top now.

Next, go down one inch and draw a line that is five inches long along the center line.  Now go over 1/4 “ and draw another line parallel to that one.  Connect the two lines at the top and bottom of them.

Now cut the board along the right and left sides of the triangle and cut out the slot in the middle.

Attach each end piece to a foot piece at the wide end of the board.

Now attach the top support pieces about one inch below the apex of the triangle on each side of the inner end pieces.

Set that aside for a minute and attach take the outer end pieces and the top.  Drill a 1” hole in the top of one end piece for the cord to go through from the light.  Then attach the top to the outer sides.

Attach the grow light to the underside of the top.  Then slide the top and outer end pieces over the inner end pieces.  Drill a 1/4” hole in each outer end piece at the bottom of the slit in the inner end piece.  Slip the carriage bolt from the inside to the outside and adjust the height of the light, then fasten the carriage bolt with a washer and wing nut.  Do the same on the other side.  Now you have an adjustable grow light holder.

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