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Do you want to have a garden party but are ashamed of the air conditioner, junction box, or other mechanical thing sticking out like a sore thumb in the garden?  You can’t plant shrubs in front of it because repair people need access to it.  Well, you can build this screen and put it in front of the ugly thing during your party or permanently.  It is movable and folds for storage.

You will need two 1 X 12 X8’ boards of either cedar or pine for this screen.  There is no waste, so cut carefully in the order you are directed to or you will not have enough wood to complete the project.

First, cut two 40” boards from each 1 X 12” board.  That gives you four 40” boards.  Save the 15” boards you have left.

Next, draw a 11 1/4 inch line on the 15” boards.

Cut along that line and save the scraps for the shelves later on.

Next, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner on the 11 1/2” X 11 1/2” boards.

Cut along that line to make four triangles from the two boards.

From the right angle of each triangle, measure two inches and make a four inch line.  Then measure 2 7/8 inches and make a four inch line.  Connect the upper ends of the four inch lines.

Cut out the lines using a jig saw or scroll saw.

Take two of the brackets, which is what these triangles will become, and set them aside.  Take the other two and measure four inches from the right angle and one inch from the bottom.  Make a cross at this spot.

Put the point of a 1 inch Forstner drill bit on the cross and drill a one inch hole in each bracket.  This will hold a hanging basked when it is installed on the screen.

Take the shelf scraps and mark a line lengthwise three inches from the top.

Cut along this line to make two three inch wide shelves.

Mark a line from the top to the bottom at the center of each board.

Mount each board to one of the brackets without a hole in it.  These will become shelves to put pots on when mounted on the screen.

Now take two of the 40” boards.  Mark five inches from the bottom and 32 inches from the bottom.  Put the hinges on with the bottom of each hinge on the mark.

Do the same with the other pair of boards.  Now set the boards on a flat surface and configure them in a W shape.  The hinges will be at the back of the boards.  Now put hinges on the front of the pairs of boards to form a W shape.  Take your screen outside and hang the brackets with holes in them on the right and left boards.  Hang the brackets with the shelves on them on the middle boards so the shelves touch.  This is what it should look like.

If you used cedar wood, sand the project and stain it with natural stain to protect the wood and make it look nicer.  If you used pine for the project, sand it and paint it to match your house so the screen will fit in well when used.  When you are through with the screen, simply remove the brackets, fold up, and store.

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