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Back to How To....    |   How to Build a Cedar and Wire Suet Holder

This cedar and wire suet holder keeps the suet dry if it rains and easily fastens to a tree or pole for the birds to access the suet.  You will need:

Hardware cloth

5/8X6X4’ of cedar fence board

Metal hinge

Fencing staples

Cut the board into the following:

Back 5/8X6X8”

Side blank 5/8X6X6”

Roof 5/8X6X7”

Cut the side blank in half to produce 2 5/8X6X3” pieces.

Go down four inches and draw a forty-five degree angle on both side pieces.

Cut the small triangle you have drawn off the side pieces.

Screw the sides to the back.  Be sure and drill pilot holes because cedar splits easily.

Attach the roof to the back with the hinge.

Cover the front and bottom of the suet holder with hardware cloth and cut to size.  Attach it with fencing staples.

Hang the suet feeder on a tree or post and fill it with a suet cake.

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