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Hanging planters are nice and come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Here you will learn to make a heart shaped hanging planter to hang under your eaves.  I made this project out of pine but you could also use cedar for the project.

You will need the following to do this project:

  • 2 pieces 1X6X7 inch pine
  • 8 pieces 1/4”X1 1/2”X10 1/4” pine or other wood
  • Number 8 screws
  • Four hangers
  • Clothes line or a light chain to hand the planter up

First, take one of the 1”X6”X7” pieces of wood and draw a heart that is six inches tall from the bottom point to the upper point and six inches wide at its widest point.

Cut out the heart and use it as a pattern to cut out the other heart you need for the other side of the planter.

Next, attach the wooden slates to one of the hearts.  Use the wood or deck screws to do this.

Finally, attach the other heart to the wooden slats.

Put the hangers on the planter and you are ready to plant.  Because the planter is not water proof, you may want to line it with heavy plastic before planting in it.

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