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As gardeners, we often use water hoses to water our gardens.  Nothing is more irritating than having to spend precious time untangling a garden hose so you can use it.  This hose wrap mounts on the wall and holds your hose tangle free until you need it.

You will need the following wood to build your hose wrap:

1 face 3/4” X 11 1/4” X 11 1/4”

1 back 3/4” S 11 1/4” X 20 1/4 “

(4) 1” X 7 1/4” wood dowels

(1) 1” X 6 1/2” wood dowel

Take the small square 11 1/4 inch piece and draw a circle on it that is 11 1/4 inch diameter.  Then draw a circle on it that is 9 3/4” in diameter.  Mark the horizontal and vertical centerlines on the board as well.

Cut out the 11 1/4 inch circle.  Use the other circle to help you locate the dowels.  Mark a place on the circle four inches from the horizontal line.  Move two inches along the circle and mark another place.  Move two more inches and mark a third place.  Finally, move two more inches and mark a fourth place.  These are where the dowels will go.

Take the long back board and draw a centerline lengthwise down the board. Measure 5 5/8 inch in from the edge of the board and mark the point.  Do the same with the bottom of the board.  Draw two circles of 5 5/8” diameter on the board, using the points on the centerline as the center of the circle.

Cut along the lines to round the top and bottom of the board.  Now, take the round board and center it on the long board.  Move it up until the top of the 9 3/4 inch circle is four inches from the top of the long board.  Clamp the two boards together.

Now use a 1” spade bit, drill a hole at each of the marked dowel positions on the 9 3/4 inch circle.  Drill all the way through both boards so the holes match.  Mark a point 4 inches from the lower edge of the long board along the centerline and drill an additional hole.

Glue the five dowels into the back board. Use a mallet to tap the dowels in if needed.  Glue the four dowels into the circle so that they are flush with the surface.  You may need to tap them with a mallet to get them in the holes.  Let the glue dry and your hose wrap is finished.  Hang it up and enjoy having untangled hoses when you need them.

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