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Weed whackers are a great invention and really help keep the weeds at bay.  Unfortunately, they are shaped funny and hard to store.  They don’t really stand up well and laying them down takes a lot of room.  This weed whacker stand mounts on the wall and holds your weed whacker out of the way.  In addition, it has a shelf on top to put your gas can and extra reels of line on.

You will need 4 feet of 1X12 pine or cedar to make this project.  Cut it into these pieces:

Back 1X12X22”

Top shelf 1X12X12”

Weed whacker holder 1X12X6”

Shelf supports (4) 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 X 1”

Take the weed whacker holder, and find the center of it lengthwise.  Draw a 2 1/2 inch deep by whatever size notch you need to hold your weed eater on it.

Cut the notch out using a jig saw or scroll saw.

Take the back and draw a line 6 inches from the bottom.  Mount two shelf supports at the edge of the board and with the bottom of them touching the line.

Mount the weed whacker holder shelf on the two supports.  Use screws and put them on the supports and through the back also.

Mount the other two shelf supports flush with the top of the board.

Mount the top shelf on the top of the shelf supports and back board.  You can mount the finished project on your garage wall and never worry about where to put your weed whacker again.

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It's good to feed them every two weeks with a water-soluble complete fertilizer like a 20-20-20 or a hyrdolized fish fertilizer.

Regular feeding will help them fill in faster, and produce more flowers.

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