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Back to How To....    |   Building a Pot Holder

Do you wonder what to do with the pots plants come in from the store?  Some of them are perfectly good pots, but they are ugly.  They come in black, green, or some other color and just don’t look too good.  Well, you can build a collection of pot holders that all look alike to put those pots in.  These holders have the advantage of being permentant, but you can replace the pots in them as the seasons change so your plants are updated without all the trouble of pulling the old plants out of a planter and putting new ones in.

First, measure the diameter of your pot.  You want to add one inch to the pot diameter and cut four sides that length.  For example, this is a five inch pot, so I cut four 6” sides.  I used 1 X 12” wood, which was really too tall for this pot.  Measure the height of the pot and add an inch, then use wood that is as close to that as you can buy.

Put the sides together using deck screws.

Once the box is put together, put it on a piece of wood slightly larger than the box.  Draw the inside outline of the box and cut that out for the bottom.

This is the completed box.  Here you see the pot in the pot cover.  As I said, the pot cover is a bit too tall.  I would have been better off using a 1 X 8 instead of a 1 X 12.

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