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Gardening is a wonderful hobby, but it requires spending a lot of time on your knees.  This kneeler will serve as a cushion for your knees and also has a space to hold your tools.

To build this project you will need:

(1) 18”X15” X 3/4” piece of plywood

(2) 15” X 5” X 1/4” pieces of plywood

(1) 18” X 5” X 1/4” piece of plywood

(1) 16 1/2”X 5” X 1/4” piece of plywood

(2) 1” X 2” X 15” pieces of pine or other wood

(2) 1” X 2” X 6” pieces of pine

(2) 1” X 2” X 4 1/2” pieces of pine

(1) 1” X 16 1/2 “ piece of dowel rod.


Scrap of carpet or foam rubber 16 1/2 “ by 12 “

First, cut your boards to size.

Next, take a compass or other object and strike a circle around the 15” X 5” pieces of plywood on one side.

Cut the top edge of the circle off to round off the boards.  Do the same with the 1 “ X 2” X 15” boards.

Take the 1” X 2” X 4 1/2 inch pieces of wood and cut a 3/4” by 2” notch in one side.

Cut a 1” X 2 1/2 “ slot in each of the 1” X 2” X 6” pieces.

Now you are ready to start putting things together.  Take the 1” X 2 “ X 4 1/2” piece and attach it to the back  of the 1” X 2” X 15” board.

Now attach the 18” X 5” X 1/4” piece of plywood to the back of the pieces of wood.

Next, attach the 1” X 2” X 6 “ pieces of wood to the long pieces of pine about 6” from the rear of the boards.

Attach the 16 1/2” X 5” X 1/4” piece of plywood to the middle boards

Attach the 15” X 5” X 1/4” pieces of plywood on the sides of the long pine boards.  Turn the assembly over and nail the piece of 18”X15” X 3/4” plywood to the boards.  Take the dowel rod and flatten both ends, then nail them to the 1” X 2” X 6” boards to form a handle.

Finally, line the front compartment with foam rubber or a carpet scrap and you have a kneeler and tool box all in one.  Happy Gardening.

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