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Do you have a privacy fence?  Want to use it for more than keeping your dogs in the yard?  Build a planter to attach to the fence and plant flowers in it.

You will need 10 linear feet of 1X6 pine or cedar for your project.  You will also need 1 5/8 “” wood screws and 3 3 1/2 “ wood screws.  Cut the pine as follows:

2 Sides 36” long

2 Ends 5 1/4 “ long

1 bottom 34 1/2 “ long

Put the ends on the sides, using the 1 5/8” screws to secure them together. 

The ends should be between the two sides to make a rectangle 36 X 7 inches.

Insert the bottom inside the assembled box and secure it with the 1 5/8” screws.

Secure the finished planter to the fence and a fence post, then fill with dirt and flowers.  Make sure you use the 3 inch screws and attach to at least one fence post so the weight of the box doesn’t tear up your fence.

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