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Want to feed the birds but don’t want to buy expensive bird seed?  With this covered bird feeding station, you can place scraps of rinds, leftover food, fruit, and anything else you have birds might like to eat.  Plus, the finished product looks a bit like a covered bridge so it adds some class to your yard.  To build this, you will need a 1 X 6 X 8’ piece of cedar.  Cut it into the following pieces:

Back Wall 1X6X14”

Front Wall 1X6X9”

Base 1X6X11”

Base support 1X3X9”

Roof (2) 1X6X8”

Take the back and cut it to shape.  Draw a line down the center line the long way.  Measure down 4 inches and mark that at each edge.  Draw a line connecting the edge mark to the center mark at the top of the wood, giving you two 45 degree angles.  Now mark the bottom 5 inches up.  Draw a rounded shape from that point to the center line at the bottom of the wood, forming a shield design.

Cut along the top and bottom lines to get a shape like this:

Now take the front piece and draw top angles that match the back wall.  These will support the roof.  Also draw lines from the bottom of the wall to a line at four inches from the top, leaving one inch margins.

Cut along the top and bottom lines and along the center line to make a covered bridge top.

Attach the base to the back wall nine inches from the top of the back wall. 

Attach the base support to the back wall and base along the center line of the back wall.

Attach the front wall eight seven inches from the back wall.  Be careful not to break the thin sides when screwing through them.  Use pilot holes or the cedar might split.

Attach one side of the roof to the front and back wall at the top.

Attach the other side of the roof to the front and back walls.

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