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Favorite Plants:


Flowering anthuriums need medium to bright to light, folaige anthuriums adapt to low light.

They come in a variety of colors, and depending upon the species, can grow from 8 inches (20.3 cm) to 6 feet (1.83 m).

They like regular water, and are easy to grow, giving your home or office a wonderful tropical feel!


Each article below is a step-by-step tutorial with pictures and clear concise information that is easy to follow. You can get started learning new things right now, plus find the Climate Zone for your area!

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  • How To Tutorials:

    • The Definitive Guide on
      How To Kill Snails and Slugs

      If you're looking for ways to control snails and slugs, read this! We have exhaustively listed all ways to kill garden snails and slugs so you can choose which method will work best for you.

    • Growing Tomatoes & Tomato Growing Tips
      This is a comprehensive and complete guide on how to start, grow, care for, and harvest tomatoes. Also has pictures of common diseases and pests and solutions on how to treat them.

    • How To Start A Vegetable Garden (part 1)
      This is a great tutorial for anyone who has ever wanted to start a garden, or would like to learn how to grow vegetables better, with more successful results.

    • How To Maintain A Vegetable Garden (part 2)
      Make sure the start you gave to your vegetable plants in "How To Start A Vegetable Garden" continues, with this follow-up tutorial on how to keep your garden thriving.

    • Vegetable & Fruit Harvest Guide (part 3)
      This is the third and final part of our "Vegetable Growing Series." This tutorial shows you how to harvest vegetables and fruit for peak flavor and optimum storage.

    • How To Compost Your Lawn
      This is the best kept secret to having a healthy, green lawn, compost it. It's fast, easy and you'll never want to use regular fertilizers ever again.

    • How To Prune An Apple Tree
      Apples are one of the easiest trees to prune once you get them started correctly. Grow healthy, juicy apples with these easy to follow instructions.

    • How To Plant Bare-Root Trees and Shrubs
      There are certain techniques to planting bare-root trees and shrubs. Make sure your plants thrive by planting them properly.

    • How To Prune Roses
      Grow dazzling, beautiful roses every year. Learn how to quickly, and properly, prune your rose bushes.

    • How To Buy Quality Bedding Plants & Annual Color
      Are you buying the best quality plants you can for your money? Ensure successful gardening by purchasing only quality plants to start with.

    • How To Plant Bedding Plants & Annual Color
      Make sure your plants thrive! Learn how to correctly plant flowers like panies, petunias and marigolds.

    • How To Plant A Color Bowl
      I share some of the professional tricks that I use when planting for high profile accounts. Follow these tips and your containers will come out looking great!

    • How To Repot Rootbound Plants
      If your plants are struggling because they are rootbound, don't wait, repot them now. It's fast and easy.

    • How To Grow Potatoes
      Potatoes, also known as Irish potatoes, are a staple food for many people.

    • Preparing A Garden Plot
      So you have weeds and grass, and you want flowers and vegetables? The first thing is to pick a site.

    • How to Grow Peppers the Easy Way
      Peppers can be a challenge for some gardeners. They love heat and lots of sunlight.

    • How To Do a Soil Test
      Testing the soil can also save the gardener money from application of incorrect or unneeded fertilizer.

    • How To Attract Native Bees to your Garden
      Bees are becoming more important than ever to gardeners wanting their flowers, and especially fruits and vegetables, to be pollinated.

    • How To Build a Gardening Stool with Storage
      Gardening stools make gardening easier on the back and knees by eliminating the need to crawl on one's knees. Building a gardening stool with storage for tools and seeds is easy and fun.

    • Constructing a Hose Wrap
      As gardeners, we often use water hoses to water our gardens. Nothing is more irritating than having to spend precious time untangling a garden hose so you can use it.

    • Building a Flower Truck
      One of the problems a gardener runs into when cutting flowers on a hot day is having them wilt before you get them inside to a vase of water.

    • Building a Seedling Tray
      If you grow your own seedlings, you are faced with the problem of what to put them in. Take a look at this guide to building a seedling tray.

    • Tool box for the Garden
      Would you enjoy having a safe place to store a few tools such as a trowel, weed puller, and hand cultivator right in the garden? This handy box is for you.

    • Building a Pot Holder
      Do you wonder what to do with the pots plants come in from the store? Follow the steps in this article for a quick, homemade solution.

    • Building a Fence Planter
      Do you have a privacy fence? Want to use it for more than keeping your dogs in the yard? Here is a guide to help you reach that goal.

    • How to Build a Kneeler with Tool Holder
      Gardening is a wonderful hobby, but it requires spending a lot of time on your knees. This kneeler will serve as a cushion for your knees and also has a space to hold your tools.

    • How to Create a Heart Hanging Planter
      Hanging planters are nice and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Here you will learn to make a heart shaped hanging planter to hang under your eaves.

    • Building a Butterfly House
      Where do butterflies go when it rains or is cold? Why not make it easier on the butterflies you attract to your garden and make them a place to hide during inclement weather?

    • Building a Ladybug House
      One way to encourage ladybugs to stick around your garden is to offer them adequate shelter from inclement weather and predators. A ladybug house is the perfect way to do this.

    • How To Make a Birdhouse Planter
      This is a cute planter that will hold four 3 1/2 inch pots when mounted on the wall. It has lots of pieces, but isn't hard to put together.

    • How To Make a Plant Stand
      This is a cute little stand that is only two feet tall, but gets your plants up off the floor. It is easy to build and takes just one 48" board.

    • How to Build a Vegetable Trug
      Have you ever gone out to harvest your garden produce and ended up with more than you could carry? Check out this guide to build your own Vegetable Trug.

    • How to Build a Suet Holder to Feed Your Backyard Birds
      In the winter, birds need a lot more energy just to stay warm. This guide will show you how to help them out by feeding them suet in a convenient way.

    • How to Build a Squirrel Cafe
      One way to keep squirrels out of your bird feeders is to set up feeding stations just for them. Follow this guide to get your furry friends setup in your back yard.

    • How to Build a Chickadee House
      Most bird houses look alike. This can get monotonous when landscaping your yard. This clever house looks deferent and interreges the eye.

    • How to Build a Table Top Wheelbarrow Planter
      Many people have wheelbarrow planters in their yard. Follow this guide to create one of your own!

    • How to Build a Garden Tool Tote
      This guide lets you know how you can create a garden tool tote perfect for carrying your essentials out to the flower bed.

    • How to Make a Toad Home
      Toads feast on insects like slugs, sow bugs, beetles, moths, caterpillars, cutworms and various borers. Take a look at this guide to make a home for the helpful little critters.

    • How to Make a Wind Chime
      In this guide, learn how to make an inexpensive wind home, coming in at under ten dollars!

    • How to Make a Dove Seed Ball Holder for Birds
      Many gardeners feed birds in their garden. This dove holder is designed to hold a seed ball so the birds can eat it.

    • How to Make a Seed Tape
      Some vegetable and flower seeds are very tiny and hard to handle. You end up either getting too many too close together or missing places you want to plant them. Seed Tape can help solve that problem.

    • How to Build a Squirrel Nesting Box
      Many gardeners have bird feeders in their yards. These inevitably attract squirrels as well as birds. Check out this guide to build a nesting box specifically for your squirrel friends.

    • How to Create a Robin Nesting Platform
      Robins are one of the heralds of spring. This guide will show you how to build a platform with the specific goal of giving them a safe spot to create their nests.

    • How to Build a Garden Cart
      When doing something in your garden, how many times have you had to make multiple trips to gather up the tools and supplies you need to do your gardening? This garden cart will help with that.

    • How to Build a Bat Box
      Bats eat thousands of insects each night. Those are insects that cannot eat your garden plants. Having a bat box is easy insect control. Follow these steps to make your own!

    • How to Build a Potato Bin
      Potatoes are fun to grow because you can get such a large crop out of just a few plants. Here is a pattern for a potato bin that looks good and can fit anywhere.

    • How to Make a Hanging Fence Planter
      Do you have a stretch of fence that could use some brightening? This hanging planter holder can handle a standard plastic planter box on top and three 6 1/4 pots on the bottom.

    • How to Make a Hanging Basket Holder
      Lots of people like hanging baskets. In fact, it is easy to run out of room to put one if you are really a fan. This elegant hanging basket holder does double duty as an address marker for your front yard.

    • How to Make a Potting Tray
      Most of us would like to have a nice potting bench to work on when we are potting plants. However, not everyone has room for a potting bench. This potting tray contains the mess you make when potting or repotting a plant so you can do it where ever you have the room to work.

    • How to Make a Miniature Wishing Well Planter
      A wishing well planter is a pleasant addition to a garden or porch. Follow this guide to create your own on a budget!

    • How to Make a Pot Hanger
      Most gardeners have more pots than they have space for on their patio or deck. This pot hanger securely holds pots that are not too big and lets you hang them on the wall.

    • How to Build a Ladder Planter
      Looking for a great way to store your planters? This planter will hold six 6" pots in a relatively small amount of space.

    • How to Build a Wood Stand for a Hanging Basket
      Running out of places to hang your hanging baskets? This wood stand provides a classy place to put a hanging basket where it is easily viewable and accessible.

    • How to Build a Simple Bird Feeder
      Feeding birds is a fun past time most gardeners enjoy. Here is a simple to build bird feeder that you can use to feed your feathered friends.

    • How to Build a Squirrel Feeder
      Tired of squirrels raiding your bird feeder? Build them one of their own! This feeder has the added attraction of clear glass, so you can watch the squirrels feed.

    • How to Make a Plant Caddy
      Potted plants can be really heavy, especially if you have to move them in for the winter and out for the spring. This plant caddy fits under your potted plant and forms a stable platform for it.

    • How to Make a Plant Marker
      Permanent plant markers that you can easily move as you rotate your crops will help to identify what you have in the ground. These markers can be made of scraps most of us have in our wood shops.

    • How to Build a Five Board Garden Bench
      This classic garden bench is easy to build and doesn't take many materials. Take a look at this easy-to-follow guide to build one of your own!

    • How to Build a Woodpecker Feeder
      Woodpeckers are fun birds to watch. They like suet and will come to suet feeders, but this woodpecker feeder gives them a place all their own.

    • How to Build a Cedar and Wire Suet Holder
      This cedar and wire suet holder keeps the suet dry if it rains and easily fastens to a tree or pole for the birds to access the suet.

    • How to Build a Five Pot Hanger
      As gardeners, our space is at a premium for plants. This hanger hangs from the eave like a hanging basket, but will hold five 6" pots in one spot.

    • How to Build A Birdhouse Planter
      This cute planter will be at home hung among your birdhouses and birdfeeders. To make it, you will need a 1X12X6', a 1X4X4" and 3 inches of 1/4" dowel.

    • How to Make a Garden Stool and Supply Tote
      This handy little stool has a small space to carry your gardening tools or seeds under the lid. It is light and easy to carry and really saves the knees when gardening.

    • How to Build a Wash and Carry Vegetable Tote
      When I pick my vegetables, I like to wash them before I bring them in the house to knock off the first layer of dirt and any bugs on them. This vegetable carrier is made so you can put your vegetables in it as you harvest it, then spray them down while they are in the carrier before bringing them inside.

    • Building a Covered Bird Feeding Table
      Want to feed the birds but don't want to buy expensive bird seed? With this covered bird feeding station, you can place scraps of rinds, leftover food, fruit, and anything else you have birds might like to eat.

    • How to Build a Spice Rack
      If you grow herbs and spices and dry them, you probably put them in glass jars. This spice rack has room for a number of glass herb and spice jars and will display them nicely.

    • Building a Weed Whacker Storage Stand
      This weed whacker stand mounts on the wall and holds your weed whacker out of the way. In addition, it has a shelf on top to put your gas can and extra reels of line on.

    • Make a Dial-a-Bird Bird House
      Most gardeners like to attract birds. They may have several bird houses mounted in their yard. This bird house allows you to easily change the size of the hole in the bird house to attract different birds.

    • How to Create A Garden Storage Box
      Gardening can take a lot of stuff: gloves, trowel, weeder, seeds, string, and other things all have to be carried out each time you want to garden then taken back in and stored when you are finished. This box can help you to keep all of your necessities in a safe, convenient spot.

    • How to Build a Garden Screen
      Do you want to have a garden party but are ashamed of the air conditioner, junction box, or other mechanical thing sticking out like a sore thumb in the garden? This Garden Screen can help to hide those eyesores from view.

    • How to Build a Small Beehive
      Many gardeners are having problems with garden plants that go unpollinated because there is a shortage of bees to do the work. One solution is to keep a hive of bees yourself.

    • How to Build a Garden Welcome Sign
      These cute garden signs can be varied almost infinitely to give as gifts or place in your garden. You can build them from scraps so they do not cost much.

    • How to Build a Simple One Board Planter
      This planter is simple and easy to build. It is a good project to do with a child. You need only a 1X8X10' board to begin.

    • How to Build a Grow Light Holder
      Grow lights can really help when growing seedlings or other plants indoors. However, you have to have something to attach them to that will let you raise or lower the light according to the needs of the plant. This grow light holder will let you do that.

    • How to Build a One Board Birdhouse
      This birdhouse is very simple and will be used by an array of songbirds. This project would be a good one to do with a child.

    • How to Build a Fairy Garden Bench
      Fairy gardens have gotten very popular. Many people make their own furniture for their fairy gardens.

    • How to Make a Fairy Garden Twig Chair
      Lots of gardeners are making fairy gardens these days. This rustic twig chair is just the thing for your fairy to sit in and enjoy the garden.

    • How to Force Blooms
      Winter can be rather dreary for gardeners. Nothing is in bloom, it is cold outside, and all you can do is wait for spring to arrive. However, you can "force" certain types of flowers to bloom when you want them to and have flowers all winter.

    • Video Tips
      14 "How To" gardening videos! The video files are small enough to be viewed by a dial-up connection.

"How To" Tutorials added regularly, check back often!

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