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Epipremnum aureum - Pothos, Devil's Ivy


Low to medium

Well drained

Let potting mix dry slightly between waterings

Vine, can grow from 3-6 feet (0.91-1.83 m) tall and 1-3 feet (0.30-0.91 m) wide, prune to desired shape and size

Possible Problems

Extremely low light can cause stretched or spindly growth. Overwatering can lead to root rot. Spider mites and scale are possible


Pothos or Devil's Ivy is a charming accent plant that is easy to grow in any home or office. It is popular for its marbled foliage, which keeps its variegation even in low light, making it a valuable houseplant to brighten dark corners. Pothos or Devil's Ivy, has a vining habit, which can be used as a vining groundcover, a hanging, cascading plant, or as a container plant trained along a pole or trellis. Prune and pinch back as needed to maintain desired shape and size. Not a heavy feeder; feed once or twice a year with soluble fertilizer.


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