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Caladium bicolor - Elephant's Ear


Bright, filtered light

Moist,well-drained, slightly acidic soil

Evenly moist

10 to 24 inches (25-61 cm) tall

Possible Problems

Spider mites


Caladiums fall into two groups: fancy leafed (heart shaped) and lance leafed (arrow shaped). They are primarily grown for their attractive foliage and prefer indoor temperatures of 65-75 degrees F (18.3-24 C). Keep plants evenly moist, but don't keep plants in standing water. If the soil dries out, the foliage will turn yellow and plants may stop growing and go dormant. They need high humidity or their leaf-tips may turn brown. Caladiums are grown from tubers. Lanky, stretched growth can mean the plants need more light. Caladiums are suitable as specimen plants for containers or hanging baskets. To prevent leaf scorch Caladium should be kept away from direct sunlight. Feed lightly with a soluble fertilizer monthly during the growing season.


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