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Wheatgrass - Agropyron spp.



Cool-Season Grass


Full sun, will tolerate some shade

Not fussy, but must be well-drained

Does best with some water, but very drought tolerant

Open habit, course textured. It does not form a dense, tight, turf and is best considered as an alternative lawn for a specific geographic areas




Wheatgrass (which has several winter hardy species including crested, fairway, and western wheatgrass) is a cool-season grass, some species of which are native to the arid plains of the upper Midwest and the intermountain region, an area where conventional lawn grasses have a hard time in the harsh conditions.

Wheatgrass is an adaptation of a tough native grass that has long been used as a forage and pasture grass grown for hay, to lawn use to provide an alternative lawn. Wheatgrass lawns can look rather different from traditional lawns, but they require less care and are better able to survive growing conditions without stress.

Wheatgrass is tough and durable and able to survive drought and very cold winter conditions, and makes a decent turfgrass that wears well when not mown too short.

It needs little water, and if it turns brown from lack of moisture in the summer, it will green up quickly if watered. Wheatgrass also needs less fertilizer than other lawn grasses. It is best considered as an alternative lawn for specific geographic areas that have climates such as Montana, South and North Dakota, Wyoming, and central Canada.

Optimum Mowing Height: 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.6 cm)
Makes a decent turfgrass that wears well when not mown too short, or don't cut it at all for a natural look.

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