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Canada Bluegrass - Poa compressa



Cool-Season Grass


Full sun is best, but will tolerate some shade

Tolerant of any

Moist to dry, has some drought tolerance

Open, rangy habit, with stiff, erect, slender stems, with a dense, creeping root system with long rhizomes which forms an open sod




Canada bluegrass is a cold-tolerant, fine-textured bluegrass with a creeping habit. Its natural growing range is well-adapted to northern cool climates (Example: Canada and the northern United States). It is usually planted as a low maintenance turf, because it can survive even in very poor soil.

It's often used in conservation areas, on banks, and in hard-to-access areas. Its preference is full or partial sun and can tolerate moist to dry conditions, even poor soil containing too much sand, rocky material, or clay.

Canada Bluegrass was originally introduced as a source of forage for dry pastures with poor soil. It has since spread into other areas.

Optimum Mowing Height: 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10 cm)

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