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Garden Art-Adding Personality to any Garden Space

Garden art is a unique way of adding personality to any garden space.  Do not limit yourself to what you consider to be traditional but instead explore your surroundings to find objects that could be repurposed or upcycled into a thing of beauty.

Some of the items described below serve more then one purpose.  Including garden art and a source for a container garden.

Old Bicycles

Old bicycles are beautiful things of art.  The spokes, handlebars and gears all create a one of a kind piece of art.  This form of art can be displayed in a flowerbed as an accent piece or can be turned into living art through the use of the topiary art form.

Some bicycles even have baskets on the handlebars or a sidesaddle type of basket may exist around the back fender.  If this is the case, both these basket styles can be simply turned into a planter when they are lined with coconut fibers, sphagnum moss or landscape cloth.

Old Tires

For some people, old tires are not considered garden art but instead something that needs to be removed from the environment.  If you cannot do this, why not turn a negative to a positive by incorporating the tire into your landscape plan.

The outside of the tire consists of texture that can be hi-lighted with paint.  The tires can also be stacked to create decorative sculptures that can be left empty or turned into a planter.

Finally, the side of the tire can also be cut to create a decorative rim for the container garden.

Gazing Balls

A gazing or mercury ball is another type of garden art that can be found in many old gardens that were designed at the turn of the century.  These balls changed the view of the garden or life when viewed into, much like looking through rose-colored glasses.

Today, these balls do not have a mercury component but instead are composed of glass or plastic.  Some are also covered with colored stones and/or mirrored pieces of glass.

When using this type of garden art, make sure the view that is reflected is a pleasant one and that the gazing ball is securely placed in its stand.

Natural Elements

Natural elements are nature’s garden art.  This includes uniquely shaped stones or those with decorative color combinations.  Another element that can be used as garden art is driftwood.  This can be used to as the material for trellises, fences, and even sculptures.

A further natural element that many people try to get rid of in their landscaping is tree trunks.  These can be carved into decorative shapes or complex sculptures.

Traditional Garden Art

Traditional garden art can be found in many different forms.  This includes statues, sundials, obelisks, birdbaths, benches, and any other manmade objects.  These can add personality to any garden space and is especially useful for those that are not sure of nontraditional art forms.

Garden art is one more aspect of creating a landscape that represents your personality.  It can be created from found objects, inspired by Mother Nature’s design or purchased at a store.  The key to utilizing garden art is not having what the Jones’ have but instead creating a message that is as unique as you are.


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