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How to Create Simple Garden Furniture from Vines

 Every gardener can use a place to rest their weary bones but there is no need to go out and buy one.  Instead, consider creating one from materials that would normally be thrown into the compost bin.  These materials include grapevine, honeysuckle and bittersweet vine.

  To begin the process, one needs to look at the size of the vines they are dealing with.  Small wispy vines can be used for the back while thick vines can be used to create the skeleton of the chair.  If you do not have any thick vines do not worry, you can use scrap lumber.

 The materials you will need are listed below.

Pruners and/or loppers


Decking screws in sizes ranging from 1-inch to 3.5 inches

Vines of different lengths that are ¼ to 2.5 inches in diameter

Seat Construction

  1. Cut the following pieces:  two 1.5 inch diameter by 48 inches long, four 2.0 inch diameter by 15 to 18 inches long, and four 2.5 inch diameter by 15 inches long.
  2. Once these pieces are cut, lay out one of the 1.5 inch diameter by 48 pieces down on the ground and bend into an arch shape.  Holding this shape attach the smallest of the 2.0 inch diameter pieces of wood to the bottom of the arch with decking screws.  Move up the arch and attach the next 2.0 inch diameter piece.  Repeat this with the remaining 2.0 inch diameter pieces.
  3. Flip the arch over and attach the four 2.5 inch diameter pieces to each corner of the arch piece created above. 
  4. To strengthen the seat, add crossbars from front legs to back.  At this point the seat is complete.

Back Construction

  1. Using the second 1.5 diameter piece, secure one end of the vine to one of the back legs using the decking screws.
  2. Bend the vine in an arch shape and secure the other end to the other back leg using the decking screws.
  3. Next attach at least four pieces of thick vine to create the “spine” for the back of the chair.  Secure one end to the arch and the other end to the seat.
  4. Weave thinner pieces of vine around the back of the chair and secure with decking screws.

Alternative Design

While the above design described above is beautiful and practical, there does exist an alternative design.  If you do not plan to sit on your chair but instead plan to use your chair as garden art consider planting some vine around the bottom of the chair.  Doing this will give the vine a decorative and unique trellis to grow up and in doing so creating a seasonally changing chair that goes from stark but decorative skeleton of vines to a full blooming seat of leisure.


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