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Past Questions and Answers | September 2015

Question #1

Question:  Can a grape vine be transplanted in any of the growing time? I've read that it can. Have been given a nice one but don't want to kill it.

Grapes are on it now.

  Rae Runyon, Bloomfield, N.M.


ANSWER:   If the grape vine is in a container, it can be transplanted at any time of the year. If it is bare root, it can only be transplanted in the winter when it is dormant.

Question #2

Question:  I planted Blue Lake Pole beans back in late May and so far I have not had any flowers appear. The bean plants themselves look very healthy and keep growing. Any thoughts on why I don't have any flowers yet?QQQ

  Karen Solem, Redmond, Washington


ANSWER:   Have you been fertilizing a lot? Sometimes when you give beans a lot of nitrogen, they put all their growth into foliage and do not bloom. Cut back on the fertilizer and you should see some blooms.

Question #3

Question:  How can I control wireworm in my carrots

  William Wilson, Stranraer, Scotland


ANSWER:   There are no insecticides labeled for wireworms after crops are planted. You will have to depend on crop rotation to keep them to a minimum. Alternate carrots with something like onions, which wireworms don't like.

Question #4

Question:  When is the best time to prune a plum tree?

  Michael Tresigne, Birmingham, West Midlands


ANSWER:   In the winter when it is dormant. That would be around January or February where you are.

Question #5

Question:  I'm trying to help my sis w/her african violet plant she has the a.v. pot but there are NO DRAINAGE HOLES in the top pot ????????

  Sherry Simmon, Temecula, CA


ANSWER:   If you are using a self watering pot, the pores that the water wicks up into the top pot through are small and difficult to see. You do not need drainage holes because the water only wicks in when the soil is dry.

Question #6

Question:  I live in tx and the heat can get very hot and its sunny year around, also the ground that is under the grass is clay and sand would like to know what flowers will do well down here since we are new to the area!

  Lacecy, Missouri City, TX


ANSWER:   There is a wonderful resource at called a plant selector that you put in the height, whether it is sunny or not, and various other things and it gives you a list of plants that will do well and meet those conditions. The url is Welcome to Texas

Question #7

Question:  How and when do I prune my half standard rose.

  Frederick Wood


ANSWER:   Prune the rose in the early spring before it blooms.

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